British Politician says he ‘Fathered Child with Cat Queen Alien’ (VIDEO)

Avatar's feline-type aliens
Mark Molloy
Wednesday 19 Jun 2013
Metro United Kingdom
Sketch by Simon Parkes

A Labour politician has claimed he fathered a child with an alien he regularly meets up with for extra-terrestrial sex.

Councillor Simon Parkes, who sits on Whitby town council in North Yorkshire, made the comments in a 2011 interview featured on a new Channel 4 documentary – Confessions of an Alien Abductee.

The 53-year-old driving instructor said his wife was ‘unhappy’ about the alien affair but said he doesn’t see it as wrong as ‘it is not a human level’.

Mr Parkes says he is beamed up for space sex four times a year by the extra-terrestrial he calls the Cat Queen and claims they have a child together called Zarka.

Story continues here: metro.co.uk

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