Mass Hysteria, Ghost Attack, or Both? 3,500 workers stop work in Bangladesh after ghost attack

"The Bangladeshi garment industry is still recovering from the April collapse of a garment factory which killed 1,129 workers. In addition, there have been several recent cases of factory fires and water contamination for the workers to deal with." 
- Manufacturers' Monthly, June 20th, 2013 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013
Emirates 24/7

Agitating workers refused to join duty after management did not take any steps to drive out ghost(s)

Owners of a Bangladesh garment factory were forced to offer prayers and distribute food to the poor on Wednesday in a bid to drive out what workers believed was a ghost at the plant, police said.

Some 3,500 workers stopped work at the plant in Gazipur, north of Dhaka on Tuesday, and smashed furniture to demand action to remove the ghost, which some workers claimed had attacked them in the ladies' washroom.

"The agitating workers refused to join duty and vandalised the factory after the management did not take any steps to drive out the ghost," Gazipur industrial police inspector Showkat Kabir told AFP.

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