Mountain Lion Killed in Connecticut & Big Cat sightings in Maryland and West Virginia

Mountain Lion, Milford Connecticut, June 2011

The above photo is of a Mountain Lion that was struck and killed by an SUV on June 11th, 2011 in Milford Connecticut.  Since June 5th an animal matching its description was seen in the area.  From the Norwalk Patch news website;  Greenwich police reported Friday that state officials from Connecticut and New York are working together to investigate the status of two permitted mountain lions in New York state that “are reasonably close to Greenwich. Given that these animals can (and do) travel great distance reasonably close does not mean [they necessarily came to Greenwich from] the town right next door,” Lt. Kraig Gray, public information officer at the Greenwich Police Department, said in a press release.

Below are a copy of the postings made on the Facebook account of the Eastern Puma Research Network.

June 21st 2011: "RARE cougar sighting in northern Queen Anne County, MD Sunday evening at 2100 hrs along Rt. 544, approx 3 miles east of old Rte 213."  
Saturday June 18th 2011: "Cougar sighting reported to us from Rte 93, east of Davis, WV this June 18th afternoon....have arranged a meeting with family who saw the PUMA on Sunday"

June 16th 2011: "Both Virginia & West Virginia Wildlife Officials continue in denial mode, denying any likelihood of cougars or panthers in both states, despite confirmed tracks in at least 7 counties.  State wildlife officials across the east, will keep having various state/ or state friendly labs do autopsies, until one of the labs finds an item, linking it to being a pet/captive cat...because they do NOT want to admit to WILD, big cats in their state."

"Contact epuma@hardynet.com with your sightings, so we can track its movements."

John Lutz is a researcher who tracks the sightings of large mystery cats in the United States. His web site is http://eprn.homestead.com/


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  1. I am only looking at this post because last evening I thought I saw a cat - much larger than a house cat but not as large as my 50 LB. Lab-Mix Dog - huge loping gallop across three yards along the hedges full speed and then past me and gone. I told my family that I thought I sam a big cat of some kind and of course they scoffed BUT TODAY my wife video taped from her truck seat some very strange behavior of a deer strongly reacting to an unseen prsence in the hedges around the house. The deer is facing off with something. Snorts, stomping, scratching all in the open facing the bushes surrounding the house - she has two angles as she was following the action from two sides of the house. At the Blue Heron Golf Course / Wildlife Park on Kent Island, Queen Annes County, Stevensville, MD 21666