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Deep Space UFOs

New York boater reports Hudson River underwater lights

Phoenix Arizona UFO - September 14, 2011

Norton Kansas Family Terrified by Encounter With Glowing Blue Entities - September 1st 2011

New York City UFO August 26, 2011 before Hurricane Irene's arrival

China UFO Mystery Light August 24th 2011

UFO Above China Airport Haults Traffic

Ex-Astronaut Story Musgrave to speak at UFO Symposium: Aliens are not coming here, but something is out there

Living Creature over Mexico City? HQ Camera gives Multiple Images

Roswell, Hanger 18 & the Alien Arm 

UFOs over Stadiums - 1979 to Present Day

Alien Bases and UFO's on the Moon?

Prospect UFO & Entity sighting-More of our invistigation

Moon UFOs Caught on Video
UFOs over the MOON

Another British radio host sees a UFO just days earlier of previous sighting by BBC reporter

Mongolian Spiral UFO - June 21, 2011

July 4th New York Long Island UFOs - Video - Multiple Witnesses See Same Lights

July 4th UFO Seaford Long Island, 2011

Staten Island New York UFO Formation, July 4th 2011

Independence Day Weekend UFOs 2011

UFO Lowell, Massachusetts, July 30, 2011 (VIDEO)

UFO Hovers over British Camp Site - 2009

Ohio UFO: family reports odd object hovering under street lamp - Sighted July 30 2011

Ohio UFOs - MUFON reports show a continuing wave dating back to 2010

Defiance Ohio July 3rd Fireworks & UFO 2011

More reports of the Ohio UFO wave

Ohio UFO Wave of May 2011

South Point Ohio UFO May 25th & 28th 2011-Mysterious World Exclusive!

UFO Formation Near Canton Ohio - 5/24-25 2011 Matches Previous Objects

Delaware UFO Sightings - More Reports on the 5/21/2011 Event

UFOs Formation Delaware Ohio - May 21 2011

Columbus Ohio UFO - Video & Eyewitness Report - Saturday May 14th 2011

Ohio UFO Shoots Straight Up Into Sky - June 26th 2011

Kansas City, Missouri Television coverage of Mass UFO Sightings - July 30th, 2011 (VIDEO)

BBC News sports Repoter sees UFO!

Flordia Television CBS 47 covers UFO, 7/27/2011

Russian's fire upon 600 foot UFO? May 16, 2011

UFO over Melbourne Australia

UFO Orb Chased by Black Helicopter in California - July 18th & 19th 2011

Helsinki Finland UFOs July 23 2011, Chinese Lanterns?

UFO Orb Chased by Black Helicopter in California - July 18th & 19th 2011

More UFO Videos Near Last NASA Shuttle Mission

Last Space Shuttle Flight UFO Videos June 8th 2011

Deep Space UFOs - Creatures & Ships

Alien Bases and UFO's on the Moon?

New Deep Space UFO Sighting - April 30th, 2011

UFOs over Stadiums - 1979 to Present Day

New York UFO Flap of the 1980's

UFO Landing at Holloman Air Force Base

The Istanbul UFO Very Likely could be the Real Thing

Long Island New York Independence Weekend UFOs July 3rd & 4th 2011

Long Island New York UFO July 14th & 17th 2011 - NEW PHOTO EVIDENCE

Lake Erie UFO July 4th 2011

Lake Erie UFO June 28, 2011

Canton Ohio UFO July 4th 2011 - Television Coverage

San Diego UFO, looks like same one spotted on same night over Lake Erie - June 28th, 2011