UFOs over Stadiums - 1979 to Present Day

The story had been around for decades but an earnest UFO buff obtained a copy of the tape and got the footage on YouTube.  In the middle of a commercial break during the CBS broadcast of the October 28th 1979 Dallas-Pittsburgh game at Three River Stadium in Pittsburgh, the network cut away from a commercial to show two objects hovering above the stadium.  The announcers are stunned, the crowd is stunned.  The announcers say they don't know what they're looking at.  It's a remarkable piece of footage. 

This is not the last time a UFO sighting was reported over a stadium, on August 21st, 2004 after an Ozzfest concert in Tinley Park Illinois, people reported a triangle of lights. And at another Ozzfest concert on August 18th 2010 in Devore California, another triangular shaped object was spotted. Just this year, in Salt Lake City Utah, May 24th, 2011 at a U2 concert, a strange object was recorded on video - It's the last video below and is a must see!

Do the aliens enjoy a good show? You be the judge . . .       

In the first video, the network cuts into programing to show the strange lights. (Begins at :54)

In the second video, at :25 seconds into the clip, the network shows the UFOs again, still above the stadium!

This video is after the commentary and has been slowed down. 

This is the UFO Hunters show on the 2004 Tinley Park Illinois sighting.

And finally, the U2 Concert sighting from 2011

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