'Vampire' stalks Siberian livestock

By Tom Washington at 26/07/2011 18:43

A blood-sucking creature is preying upon goats near Novosibirsk. As rational explanations run thin on the ground, the specter of the so-called chupacabra raises its demon head.
Horrified farmers and smallholders are confronted by the drained corpses of their livestock in the morning, bloodless and bearing puncture marks to the neck but otherwise largely in tact.
But local cops are reluctant to record apparent vampire attacks, as they await official recertification, leaving the locals up in arms.

“If this creature is not stopped it could make its way to Novosibirsk! Only our police force are doing jack-diddly about it,” complaining locals told Komsomolskaya Pravda. “They say that there is no Chupacabra. Come if you will journalists, have a look at what is happening to us.”

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Flordia Television CBS 47 covers UFO, 7/27/2011

The photo could be a hoax, but the calls to the police were real.  Eyewitness report something falling into the Atlantic.  Chinese lanterns? 

Story source


Helsinki Finland UFOs July 23 2011, Chinese Lanterns?

Chinese lanterns?  These objects were shot on July 23rd, 2011 in Helsinki Finland.  According to Tracey Parec of the Examiner, in April of 2011, the Baby James Foundation launched some Chinese lanterns as a memorial display and caused numerous UFO reports. 

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Scientists warn 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes' animals could happen!

LONDON TELEGRAPH - Action is needed now to prevent nightmarish "Planet Of The Apes" science ever turning from fiction to fact, according to a group of eminent experts.

Their report calls for a new rules to supervise sensitive research that involves humanising animals.
One area of concern is "Category Three" experiments which may raise "very strong ethical concerns" and should be banned.

An example given is the creation of primates with distinctly human characteristics, such as speech.
Exactly the same scenario is portrayed in the new movie Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, in which scientists searching for an Alzheimer's cure create a new breed of ape with human-like intelligence.
The report also acknowledges the "Frankenstein fear" that humanising animals might lead to the creation of "monsters". 

Story continues here London Telegraph 

Largest Sea Monster Ever! Pliosaur 8 Foot Skull Discovered (Video)

Monster of the Skies! Thunderbird - Legends, Sightings & Evidence


Amy Winehouse Joins 27 Club - The List of Rock's Cursed Legends

I was a fan of Amy Winehouse. I hoped that she would leave her demons behind before they finally caught-up with her today in her London home. Such a tremendous voice and talent wasted. Her death at 27, just like all those who have become members of the dreadful club, is a warning sign for anyone with talent in a media driven world. Some have been able to escape the clutches of the curse, Elton John finally conquered his demons, but it took him some two decades before shaking the chains of addiction. 

Oddly, for no known reason, I kept thinking of Jim Morrison over the past few days. I use to be a big-time Doors fan but I really haven't listened to a song in a very long time.  Yet an image of him kept coming to mind. Something was just around the corner, another singer gone before they could reach old age.  

The 27 Club - The Curse

The 27 club is the strange age where some of rocks greatest legends have passed.  Some of their deaths may have been from excessive drug use, but when one peals back the layers of assumed decadent behavior, a starling pattern of numbers begins to emerge.  

During the 1960's, there were some in high places that believed that the pop music of the day was having a negative impact on the unpopular American war in Vietnam.  There has been much speculation that someone may have wanted a few of its brightest, and most out spoken stars silenced . . . permanently. True or not, there are many mysterious stories that come to us from those that knew the victims of the 27 Club.  Here are just a few.     

As of this writing, I have seen from certain sources that Amy Winehouse was introduced to hard drugs by her boyfriend and that her management company seems to have put too much pressure on her to tour when they knew she was not well.  There will be more news to come, I'm sure from her tragic passing.  Let us hope more bright stars do not fall under the curse.

27 Club Honor Roll

The founder of Blues and Rock-n-Roll, Robert Johnson died at the age of 27 on August 16th 1938, perhaps setting the age of entry in stone. 
By his own account, Johnson claimed that he had sold his soul to the Devil so that he could become a better player. His death is just as mysterious; it's alleged that Johnson loved women and whiskey, and one woman may have put some strychnine into Johnson's last bottle of spirits.  Fact-checking the Life and Death of Bluesman Robert Johnson

Brian Jones, founder of the Rolling Stones died on July 3rd in 1969.  He was 27.  He drowned in a swimming pool but there were always strange incidents surrounding his death that have caused some to wonder if Jones had been murdered. 


Guitar extraordinaire Jimi Hendrix died on September 18th 1970. He was 27. Though he asphyxiated on his own vomit after ingesting 9 sleeping pills and wine, Hendrix told friends just days before, that he was in fear for his life. After his death on the hospital registry where he was admitted, one attending doctors name was removed with no known reason. 


Songstress Janis Joplin passed on October 4th, 1970 of what is believed to have been a heroin overdose.  She had told friends, concerned about her drug use; "Lets face it, I'll never see 30."  She died at age 27. 

Drinking one night with friends, Jim Morrison, song writer and lead singer of the Doors, referred to the deaths of both Joplin and Hendrix saying "You're drinking with number three."  When Morrison died on July 3rd, 1971 in France, no autopsy was preformed, yet his death was listed as 'heart failure'. He was 27. 

Kurt Cobain, founder and lead singer of Nirvana, who's self inflected death by shotgun on April 5th, 1994, at the age of 27, is usually assumed to be a suicide, but there are however those that believe that he too was murdered. Part of the theory holds to the fact that no prints could be gleaned from the gun. 

And there are many more mysterious deaths of musicians at the age of 27.  Wikipedia: 27 Club

One book I have read cover to cover and highly recommend is Take a Walk on the Dark Side, Rock and Roll Myths, Legends & Curses by Gary Patterson.   It's spooky reading and a rocking ride. 


Story Source - Wikipedia: 27 Club 

Something else that makes me scratch my head . . . 

Sex Symbols of Crime and their Fans - Casey Anthony & Richard Ramirez


UFO Orb Chased by Black Helicopter in California - July 18th & 19th 2011

Two reports to MUFON from California witnesses in a two day period, July 18th & 19th 2011, relate the odd sighting of an erratic, fast moving, red-orange light, or orb, followed by a "huge black plane" on the 19th and a black helicopter on the 18th. 

It seems that the UFO's are playing cat and mouse games with our military.  

No pictures or video were taken, though the witness on the 18th did try before the chase was obscured by trees. 

The report from the 18th says they noticed a black plane as well, that was following the helicopter.

Story source 

Other red orange orb UFOs from this month. 

Defiance Ohio, July 3rd 2011, photo grab from video below
Breezy Field, Huntington, Long Island NY, July 17th 2011


Sinkhole under Guatemalan womans bed

Guatemala City sinkhole July 19, 2011 - (JOHAN ORDONEZ - AFP/GETTY IMAGES)

Inocenta Hernandez of Guatemala City heard what she thought was an explosion and when she investigated, found that a 40 foot deep, 32 inch wide sinkhole had open up beneath her bed.

Guatemala City is built over volcanic deposits and experiences heavy rains, so sinkholes are not uncommon, but one opening up under inside someones bedroom is not common

See a whole collection of unusual sinkholes at the link below. 

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More violent earth changes . . .

2010 the Year the Earth Moved (earthquakes, volcanoes, sinkholes and the 2011 Japan Quake & Tsunami)


More UFO Videos Near Last NASA Shuttle Mission

Not sure what to make of either of these Atlantis STS135 videos.  The first could be a CGI hoax, piece of space junk? While the second video could be a reflection.  

What do you think?  

Story Source for Video 1: UFO Sightings Daily

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New Deep Space UFO Sighting - April 30th, 2011
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The Istanbul UFO Very Likely could be the Real Thing

Predatory Snakehead found in Maryland River

Courtesy of Smithsonian Environmental Research Center.
Student Alison Everett holds the snakehead found in the Rhode River. She was part of the team that found the fish.

The Baltimore Sun reports that scientists have discovered the predatory snakehead fish in a river just south of Annapolis in the Rhode River last Friday. The catch above is a 23 inch female snakehead. HometownAnnapolis  The Baltimore Sun (link on page to vid says they are tasty)    

Imported from Asia and Africa and a menace to the rivers they populate, the snakehead is an unusual fish, it has teeth and can reach lengths of three feet.

Able to live outside of the water for 4 days, it eats frogs and fish and has no known predator.  They have also been known to feed on rats.

It is illegal to introduce them to North America's fresh waters but people have done so and in affect, the snakeheads prey on the local fish, driving down indigenous populations.  They are the weeds of the fish world.

From Wikipedia:

Snakeheads became a national news topic in the US because of the appearance of northern snakeheads spawning in a Crofton, Maryland pond in 2002. Northern snakeheads became permanently established in the Potomac River around 2004, and possibly established in Florida. Apparently non-established specimens have been found in Wawayanda, New York, two ponds outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and reservoirs in North Carolina.

From 2002 to 2003, one Los Angeles supermarket was found to have illegally sold approximately 25,000 dollars worth of live snakeheads, which caused breakouts in local ecosystems.

In what was determined by the Army Corps of Engineers to be an isolated incident, a fisherman caught a single snakehead on October, 2004 while fishing from Lake Michigan at Burnham Harbor in Chicago, Illinois.
According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, snakeheads have also been spotted in California, Florida, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

On April 25, 2011, a Northern Snakehead was found above Virginia's Great Falls near Whites Ferry. Great Falls was supposedly a natural barrier that the fish was unable to cross. It is apparently the first time a Northern Snakehead was found above the falls.
In May 2011, a Brooklyn fish importer was arrested for importing 350 live individuals of snakeheads into New York. He had tried to pass the fish off as Chinese black sleepers (Bostrychus sinensis) in an effort to mislead customs. He also admitted to importing six more shipments in 2010. It is unknown if any of the fish had been released into local waterways.

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Wolf Warning in Ohio - same place where Mountain Lion was spotted days earlier

Ohio Mystery Canine. A Wolf in the Buckeye State?

My Visit to see where the Mothman Took Flight


Wolf Warning in Ohio - same place where Mountain Lion was spotted days earlier

Monday, July 18th 2011, the Associated Press reports that the police in New Philadelphia Ohio are warning residents to keep children, pets and food indoors due to the possible sighting of a wolf in the area.  It is said to look like a "large, silver dog".

This is the same area of Ohio where people have reported seeing a possible mountain lion.

There are reports that the 'wolf' has killed ducks and deer fawn.

The Tuscarawas County Warden believes the animal may be a wolf/dog hybrid, and as usual, the authorities claim it may have been a pet.

In neighboring Canton Ohio on July 6th, authorities closed the 68-acre Fairhope Nature Preserve because of safety concerns from two reports of a 'mountain lion' on July 4th. Local 12 WKRC Cincinnati  

On July 14th in Tuscarawas County, someone reported that a skinny, malnourished 'mountain lion' had attacked a duck.  And on that same day, road workers reported seeing a 'mountain lion'. Canton Rep.com 

The Tuscarawas County Warden believes the animal may be a wolf/dog hybrid, and as usual, the authorities claim these animals may have been pets.

With so many sightings of mystery canines and felines, one wonders if these are the same sightings of a single animal? 

Story source

My own wolf sighting in northern Ohio . . . 

Ohio Mystery Canine. A Wolf in the Buckeye State?

Recent Big Cat sightings in Ohio  . . .

Search for Mountain Lion in Canton Ohio

Mountain Lion Scare Closes Ohio Park, June 6th 2011

Confirmed Black 'Leopard' Sightings in Ohio

Duck killed by Mountain Lion in Canton Ohio?


Long Island New York UFO July 14th & 17th 2011 - NEW PHOTO EVIDENCE

Long Island UFO photo sent to Mysterious World by Kenneth Bailey Jr.

From Kenneth Bailey Jr.; "This was taken around 9:00 PM at Breezy Field in Huntington, Long Island."  The date was July 14th 

He also sent this photo from July 17th, using a more powerful lens.

As I have reported on this site, just days earlier, over the July 4th weekend, there were numerous sightings of lights over New York's Long Island and Staten Island. (see below)

It is said that MUFON is referring to the orange lights recently seen across the country as ORBOL's; Orange Balls of Light.

Defiance Ohio July 3rd 2011


Sex Symbols of Crime and their Fans - Casey Anthony & Richard Ramirez

The allure of the forbidden: it's what compels some to chase after those that others might see as dangerous. Perhaps that's why a fictional girl in a popular book series would be torn between her werewolf and vampire lovers.

There were some that felt sympathy for alleged child-killer, Casey Anthony, 
sending her letters and money in jail.

The Crimes of Casey Anthony?

ORANGE COUNTY FLORIDA - Charged with the murder of her own daughter, two-year old Caylee, after lying to her family and police about the missing girls whereabouts, Casey Anthony became the eye in the center of a media hurricane. When little Caylee was said to have gone missing, only a few days after her daughters disappearance, the mother, Casey Anthony went partying at clubs, entered a 'hot-body' contest, and danced protectively with attractive girlfriends. Pictures of the girl-on-girl dancing were beamed into nearly every American household. They were the best photos of an alleged female-killer any network could hope for.

As Casey Anthony sat in jail awaiting her trial, the body of her daughter Caylee was found, badly decomposed, and with duct-tape over the child's mouth. The duct-tape had heart-shaped stickers placed on it, the same kind found in her mother Casey Anthony's room.

The trial had more twists and turns than a bad crime novel; wild allegations flew from the defense team and outside the courtroom people began fighting just to get inside to watch the drama unfold.

In the end, the misguided jury found Casey 'not guilty' of the crime of murdering her daughter, but for the charges of lying to police, she was found guilty.

 The Fans of Casey Anthony

Many felt that justice had not been served . . . but there were others that felt sympathy for the accused Casey Anthony.  

Maybe it was her smile, the way she cried, or those pictures of her dancing with other women that made some send her letters and money while in jail? People sent money to her during the trial. Most were men, but some were women. During the trial, there were people holding up signs outside the courtroom calling Casey a child murderer, but there was a small group, mostly men, that held signs saying she was innocent.  They could not believe that an attractive woman would murder such a cute little girl. Besides, what proof was there? 

When it was obvious that Casey would have nowhere to live after her release (the damage done between her and her parents was too great), the monetary donations to her increased. 17 people in all had sent her money. Casey Anthony ended up with $472.18. CBS

After her release from jail, an angry mob had gathered shouting "Baby killer!" Two armed deputies with semi-automatic rifles walked behind Casey.  While she walked, she may or may not have seen her small group of supporters.  One man held up a sign that read; "Casey, will you marry me?"

When doing a Google Image search for Casey Anthony, as of this writing, a popular search is 'Casey Anthony Hot'.  Some might possibly see her as 'hot'. . . as hot as the devil's own.

Richard Ramirez had several female fans while on trial for 14 murders.  
He married one of his groupies in 1996.

The crimes of Richard Ramirez

LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA - Richard Ramirez, better know to and the rest of the world as the Night Stalker, was one of the most crazed serial killers known.  He attacked men, women and children and would sometimes leave a pentagram drawn in lipstick at the scene of the murders.  He usually crept into his victims windows at night, shot the husbands and had his way with the wives.  

Once caught, he described himself as the representative of Satan.  He enjoyed the attention his crimes received during the trial and sneered at the families of his victims. 

The Fans of Richard Ramirez 
Drawn by his rock-star hair, gaunt features, piercing eyes and nonchalant attitude, Richard grew a cult following of adoring female fans. During the trail, his groupies gathered outside the courthouse hoping for a chance to get inside: nurses and exotic dancers, law students and more. They would dress in black, just like their idol Ramirez, who was wearing black during the trial.  They could not wait for him to look back at them and give them his cocky, self assured smile.

One of his groupies, Doreen Lioy, wrote Ramirez 75 letters.  "I looked at him and I was just captivated," she said of Ramirez.  "I think he's a very sexy person. He's a very gorgeous person. To me he is as beautiful inside as he is on the outside."  Doreen Lioy married Richard Ramirez in 1996.    

Sentenced to death 19 times but was never executed. California has not executed a prisoner since 1967.  During his first death sentence he declared; "You maggots make me sick. I will be avenged. Lucifer dwells within all of us!"  

Doreen has said if and when Richard is executed, that she will kill herself.  Satan will have to make room for two more in hell.       

Update: Richard Ramirez died in prison on June 7th of 2013. He was 53. Hell is now a little more crowded.

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Duck killed by Mountain Lion in Canton Ohio?

A man reported seeing a Mountain Lion attacking a mallard duck on July 14th 2011 in Tuscarawas County.  He said that the animal looked skinny and malnourished.

State wildlife officer Jamey Graham says there were no tracks, hair or droppings from the animal and she believes that it may have been a Bobcat, which preys on waterfowl and is found in southern and eastern Ohio.

Stark County had several sightings a large mystery cat.  Transportation workers in Tuscarawas County also reported seeing what they thought was a Mountain Lion on the same day.

State authorities however are trying to keep the public calm by saying that they are not convinced that the animal was a Mountain Lion.  

Story sources - Canton Rep.com   NBC4

Recent Big Cat sightings in Ohio  . . .

Search for Mountain Lion in Canton Ohio

Mountain Lion Scare Closes Ohio Park, June 6th 2011

Confirmed Black 'Leopard' Sightings in Ohio


Long Island New York Independence Weekend UFOs July 3rd & 4th 2011

Long Island NY UFOs, July 4th 2011

On the comment section of the July 4th New York Long Island UFOs (Video)Multiple Witnesses See Same Lights I received two additional sighting reports.

Several objects were seen over New York Staten Island on July 4th and a video was made of the July 4th sighting over the East Portion Road at around 9:30 PM. On the video post I received the following sightings;

The first witness had two skeptics with them who offered no skeptical criticism.

The second report gives a description of 8 orange lights, seemingly linked together and heading in the same direction. These reports are not Chinese lanterns, fireworks or planes.
Defiance Ohio UFO, July 3rd 2011

I personally saw something over a fireworks display in my hometown of Marion Ohio, that flew silently over the area where the fireworks were to begin. It matched something that was seen in Defiance Ohio a night before during a fireworks show. (Video below.)  There were a slew of sightings across the United States over the 2011 Independence weekend as a video below confirms.           


 Anonymous said...
I saw them too..they were perfectly aligned.it was crazy. i was with 2 of the biggest sceptics and was glad they were there to see it--otherwise they never would have believed me ..my friend in the back seat saw it too. we stopped and got out of the car..we were in Levittown ,n.y. at that point--must have been around 10 pm..--Maureen n.y.

Anonymous said...
I saw 8 orange balls in the sky on July 3rd 2011 about 8:40 at night facing south in port Jeff Station new york. They looked like they were on a tether line because they came from southwest to northeast at approximately 4 minute intervals all heading on the same path. I have video of one but there is really no perspective (just a dot on black background). Saw one additional "ball" on a different plane shortly after the 8 heading in the same direction. I am not crazy and i know they were not planes, helicopters or balloons. My family witnessed the event also and all agreed what we saw was not aircraft or balloons. never saw anything like it before or since. Told others about it and one said they witnessed the sighting on the 4th.
UFOs over US July 4th weekend 2011

Long Island NY UFOs July 4th, 2011

Defiance Ohio, July 3rd 2011


Chupacabra Sightings in Texas? 2008 & 2011

Police video stills of a possible Chupacabra from Dewitt Texas, 2008
Is this latest video the elusive 'goat-sucker' of Mexico and the American southwest, or is this simply a coyote with mange?  Texas seems to be a hot spot for this predatory mystery animal that is said to prey on ranchers livestock.  The first video is the latest sighting of 2011, the second may, however, be some of the strongest visual evidence of a Chupacabra.  Recorded in 2008 from a policeman's dash cam in DeWitt County Texas, it shows the elongated snout and small hind legs of a mystery canine.

Story Source

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July 12th A Most Fortuitous Day

According to legend, the date of July 12th on any given year is a most fortuitous day.  Archangel Gabriel is said to have claimed this day to be the luckiest of the year. 

It is suppose to be a good day to begin any major project, and "healing, planting, house building, traveling and even waging war will supposedly proceed with out a hitch," according to Time-Life Books.  

Children born on this date will be wealthy.  Students can become scholars and beginning a new job on this day will be greeted with great success.  

Call it good luck or just a positive affirmation, but we should all begin our endeavors with such an up-beat attitude. 

Confirmed Black 'Leopard' Sightings in Ohio

Three sightings of a black leopard have been reported in the southwestern Ohio area of Dayton. The director for the wildlife education group Outreach for Animals says that the last sighting was in April of 2011.

The authorities claim that people in the area own these kind of wild animals and that one must have escaped.

It was only after internet buzz about the leopard that the authorities came forward with their confirmed sightings on July 11th, 2011, three months after the last sighting.

According to the US Humane Society, Ohio is one of only 10 states that does not regulate wild animals.  Those regulations are currently under review at Governor Kasich's Administration.

Black mystery cats have been witnessed in Ohio in recent decades Black Panther Sightings of Ohio and in just the last few weeks, there have been reports of another kind of big cat; mountain lion sightings have been logged in the eastern half of Ohio in the Canton area and in New Concord near Zanesville area (see below).

On June 6th, Canton closed their park due to several mountain lion sightings. Mountain Lion Scare Closes Ohio Park, June 6th 2011

Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman asks if these black cat sightings could be "Panthera atrox, or an unknown melanistic cryptid puma," and not a black leopard?

Story SourcesCryptomundo  ABC6

Other Ohio Mystery Animals . . . 

Duck killed by Mountain Lion in Canton Ohio?

Search for Mountain Lion in Canton Ohio

Mountain Lion Scare Closes Ohio Park, June 6th 2011

Ohio Mountain Lion Attacking Livestock Near Zanesville?


Moon UFOs Caught on Video

As if they are running a race, this video shows what looks to be small white orbs moving close to the surface of the moon.  They pop-up and then disappear down over the surface. There are 7 objects in all.  The person that made the video did not notice them until after looking at the video later on his computer.  He is not sure what to make of them, even considering the possibility that it is a technical glitch involved. 

Story source

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Largest Sea Monster Ever! Pliosaur 8 Foot Skull Discovered (Video)

Unveiled to the public just this weekend, the massive beast was nearly 60 feet in length.  This 155 million year old, 8 foot skull was found in Dorset in the United Kingdom and is the largest known.  It would have been able to easily attack a great white, which were common animals of that era.  Now watch in the awe, the greatest beast our waters have ever known! 

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Signs that Your House is Haunted

About.com always has fun articles.

"How do you know if that persistent rapping on your walls is bad plumbing or a mischievous spirit? Here are some of the signs of a haunting . . ."

Click here to follow the story source. 

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Last Space Shuttle Flight UFO Videos June 8th 2011

A white ball show on several videos tracking the last US Shuttle Mission

UFO watchers who subscribe to NASA TV have been picking up some incredible footage.  Some of it could be, but I don't think all of this can be explained away as satellites, ice or space junk.

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Lake Erie UFO July 4th 2011

More strange sightings over lake Erie. The object is larger at around 8 minutes into the video.

Story Source

Great Lakes Mysteries - Monsters, Ghost Ships, UFOs & Vortexes of Doom

July 4th New York Long Island UFOs - Video - Multiple Witnesses See Same Lights

Independence Day Weekend UFOs 2011

Defiance Ohio July 3rd Fireworks & UFO 2011

Mountain Lion Scare Closes Ohio Park, June 6th 2011

CANTON, Ohio (AP) — An Ohio nature preserve has closed on unconfirmed reports of a mountain lion lurking in the area.

Canton City Engineer Dan Moeglin tells The Repository newspaper the city has temporarily closed its 68-acre Fairhope Nature Preserve because, as he puts it, "We don't want to put anyone in harm's way."

A nearby resident reported seeing a mountain lion twice on Monday.

Another person made a similar report on Tuesday.

Story Source 

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Duck killed by Mountain Lion in Canton Ohio?

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Mongolian Spiral UFO - June 21, 2011

UFOs New York City - Video - July 5th 2011

See July 4th 2011 UFOs!

July 4th New York Long Island UFOs - Video - Multiple Witnesses See Same Lights

Independence Day Weekend UFOs 2011

Defiance Ohio July 3rd Fireworks & UFO 2011

Canton Ohio UFO July 4th 2011 - Television Coverage


NORTH CANTON, Ohio - There are always a lot of lights in the sky on the night before Independence Day. But what one North Canton couple saw from their backyard Sunday didn't look like fireworks.

 "These two objects floated by and then two more floated by and a short time later, two more floated by," Joanne Damico said.  She described the mysterious objects as orange colored globes.

Damico's husband John, who also saw them, said they were too quiet to be airplanes. "We saw lots of planes that night," he said. "This didn't look anything like that."

Story continued here!