Staten Island New York UFO Formation, July 4th 2011

Received word from a friend in New York, that he and his boss sighted a 'formation' of about 6 lights move over Staten Island at around 10 PM, July 4th 2011.

"There were 6 brightly colored spots evenly spaced and seemed to be flying in a straight line, then they seemed to pair up and flew straight up and disappeared into the clouds. The whole incident lasted about 3-5 minutesThey were WAY to high in the sky to be fireworks and lit to brightly and way to long to fireworks. They were thousands of feet in the sky. I was in Brooklyn facing west and the formation was over Staten Island. They were NOT planes from Newark Airport, they were way to high in the sky and too close together for the proximity to Newark Airport."

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  1. On staten Island, facing north, my wife and I saw over sixteen of these lights moving from west to east in a staight line on the same night at 9:50 pm.

  2. Thanks for the report. Something was there, I've gotten a lot of hits on this post for my little site. People searching the net for NY UFO over the same area. Wish more would come forward.

  3. i witnessed this and was able to capture the incident, tis formation aso occcurred in long island n.y, reques me on facebook WILL ABIRAFEH to view the incident , i will also post on you tube, username will2121ful to find my vids

  4. OMG - I saw them on Long Island too! coming back from watching fireworks driving on Robert Moses causeway and then pulled over in the Lowes parking lot in Bayshore on Sunrise Highway to watch them. lasted way longer than I thought they would and creeped me and my girls out!

  5. There is something in the skys from gateway to hugenot. Bright, moving but up and down. Not a plane.