Special Forces veteran reports UFO over Afghanistan

By Roger Marsh
National UFO Examiner
April 24th 2014

A Special Forces Army veteran reported a UFO encounter with a low flying sphere-shaped object while serving in Afghanistan, according to April 24, 2014, testimony in Case 55741 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness said his entire Army unit saw the object May 10, 2004, that was so close they "could have thrown a rock and hit it" after it first appeared "out of nowhere."

"It floated over one of the mountains from the south, east of the base we built," the witness stated. "It made no noise and you could not see it with the naked eye."

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Mother of Pilipino Prize Fighter Curses Sons Opponent, Timothy Bradley on Live Television? (VIDEO)

Mark Turner
Mysterious World

Speculation that the mother of Manny Pacquiao placed a curse, (or hex), on Timothy Bradley during the live televised prize fight on HBO, April 12th has been buzzing on social media. Curses are an age old tradition in the Philippines dating back hundreds of years. The boxers mother, Dionesia Dapidran Pacquiao can be seen making, almost secretly, an incantation and then kneels down to point with a look of venomous anger, probably at Timothy Bradley. The curse seems to have worked, her son, Manny Pacquiao, went on to win the fight.

From Yahoo Sports: 
Manny Pacquiao reclaimed the WBO welterweight title he'd lost to Bradley via dubious split decision on June 9, 2012. He proved he remains an elite boxer, using his angles, his footwork and his quick hands to win 10 of 12 rounds on one judge's scorecard and eight of 12 on the other two.


UFO hovers over Navy Ship - same ship later has equipment problems

Mark Turner
Mysterious World

A former US Navy serviceman has recently come forward with a new report of an August 4th, 2010 incident over the waters near the Hawaiian Islands.

On March 10th of 2014, the Navy serviceman explains to MUFON (the Mutual UFO Network) that their ship was headed back to a San Diego home port from a series of naval exercises, when at about 10:15 PM, while standing on the deck, he saw a 'medium sized ball of light about 10 to 20 feet above he water. The ball traveled along with the ship for about 15 minutes, when suddenly, at a quick speed, it moved to the rear of the ship and then 'nearly instantly' the ball of light rose to a position of about 200 feet above them, where it seems to have disappeared.

Startled, he went to report the incident to the Combat Information Center or CIC, but he was 'brushed off'. He then went to the radar operator who had overheard his story.

"The petty officer on watch proceeded to show me that he had contact on the surface and air search radar that corresponded to what I had witnessed. He also told me that the same chain of events has been reported three other times by other individuals and had been occurring since our transit had begun two days prior." (Emphasis added)

"I do not recall if the incidents had been logged or not in the CIC watch contact log. I seem to recall being told by this petty officer that they were instructed to maintain contact and observe its movements, but don't bother logging it as it didn't appear hostile or of any interest. I was also told by him that the past two nights they had lost contact due to extreme elevation at about the same time each night. A few hours before dawn."

"Oddly enough during the actual RIMPAC (Rim of the Pacific Exercise) exercises, my ship, as well as every other ship in our strike group, experienced strange connectivity and communication issues. An investigation was launched by the strike group commander under the premise that there was a suspected probe initiated by the Chinese on our entire strike group. I later discovered that the communications and systems phenomenon the ships experienced had no explainable origin and no evidence of an attack from a foreign nation was detected."
While the Naval Serviceman seems to be the only witness on deck that night, this was not an isolated event.

Story Srouce: Roger Marsh Examiner.com

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The Ancient Giants Who Ruled America: A book review

Reviewed by Mark Turner
Emmy Award-winning writer, Richard J. Dewhurst, who has worked for the History Channel, PBS, and A&E, just to name a few, has turned his journalistic eye to a subject that many might find too far out to be believed; The Idea that ancient giants once towered over the North American continent and that any evidence was quickly hidden away by the Smithsonian is indeed a tall order, but the evidence presented is overwhelming. After reading some 50 pages, I could not dismiss the facts, no matter how bizarre they might seem even to me. I have posted on this blog the stories of giants and Indian mounds and I have visited the Newark Earthworks, but I had no idea that the evidence for such stories was greater than I could have imagined. 

In the first chapter, we are given a vast wealth of clippings from newspapers and periodicals from all around the United States dating from the 1700’s up into the 1950’s, when homes, farms and roads were being constructed and the mounds that were encountered were dug-up. What was found were skeletons of enormous sizes that are consistently between 7 to 9 feet tall. In nearly all of these stories, the Smithsonian is called in, the bones are taken by the museum . . . never to be seen again.

The idea that pre-historic America was populated by a civilization or invading civilizations has been around for some time, but for most of us, this is an idea that is brand new. Luckily, Dewhurst gives an overwhelming case of a land long known to the ancients of the old world, but forgotten and all too often ignored by academia. His skills as a journalist are much welcomed in a field of research that is usually filled with substandard investigation. Ancient Giants is confirmation that the American past is a far different place than anyone could have imagined. The burials of many of the giants were found with shields, armor, helmets, precious stones that all point, not only to their origins from distant Europe and the Middle East, but to the importance they held to their respective communities. These giants were kings and queens, the rulers of those that stood as high as you and me. The Native America’s themselves speak of the giants and the wars that were fought with them.

Giants are not the only inconvenient artifacts presented. Horned skulls, elongated skulls, the evidence of contact with ancient Rome, the vast amount of metals that were mined from the great lakes, ancient pictographic writing . . . no the Americas were not the home of ‘simple savages’ as history books would have us believe, nor is it a place where humans have only lived for a few thousand years, this was a melting pot long before the ‘discovery’ and modernization of the New World and this book is a testament to that fact.

Dewhurst found it hard to believe, as I did, much of the information that he uncovered while researching his book, but the proof was right before his eyes. It’s proof that cannot be denied. I’m still sort of in a state-of-shock having just read it. Small parts of the story I have known about and entertained over the years, but when presented with the evidence in one solid volume, it shatters those preconceived ideas of the distant past.  This land was a far more fascinating place than we have been led to believe.

There is much more in this thrilling book, like photographs and illustrations and a whopper of a story at every page. Ancient Giants is a must-have and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

The Ancient Giants Who Ruled America by Richard J. Dewhurst
Bear & Company Books
368 pages
In Store: $20 
Online: $13.34
Kindle: $9.99
Nook: $11.99

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Nick Redfern’s Monster Files: Book Review

Review by Mark Turner

Author Nick Redfern exposes monsters and government secrets

For Your Eyes Only - Dossier of Fantastic Beasts

Why would any government care about the Abominable Snowman, the Loch Ness Monster, or any far-out camp-fire stories?  And yet they do, and with alarming consistency. Blowing the lid off of accepted strange creature lore, prolific author Nick Redfern does not settle for stale explanations, instead in Monster Files, he delivers at every turn, a compelling view of possible government involvement of a clandestine nature. Monster Files is just what the name suggests; a probing of government secrets, freedom of information act documents, first-hand accounts, investigations of tall-tales and dogged research. The result is a fascinating blend of paranormal and conspiracy.

Following a general timeline of monstrous events, the book starts off with Teddy Roosevelt’s Bigfoot story and ends with modern day beasts.

Not every creature is necessarily the target of government interest; some monsters are presented to serve as an introduction to the next tale of official involvement. Yet, it is not so easy to lump each case into narrow classifications. Some monsters are ‘used’ by governments as clever misdirection, a ‘wild-goose-chase’ to hide top secret projects and advanced weaponry. At other times, these same agencies have a curious interest in all things paranormal. At times, they seem fascinated or even frightened as with the case of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the National Ocean Service (NOA) both protesting loudly that Mermaids do not exist!  

At other times, the government has technological interests, as with vanishing beasts of the werewolf and Bigfoot variety, where multi-dimensional super technologies could be used for our governments own nefarious purposes.

In Monster Files, Nick Redfern shows that he is an author and researcher who is willing to offer original conclusions and concepts to what might otherwise be familiar lore. His explanation for the origins of the somewhat famous, or infamous, Flatwoods monster sighting of 1952, in the small town of Flatwoods West Virginia is original and more than a little thought provoking.
The files of oddities are frequent and varied in form.

Government research into the psychic abilities of cats and dogs to spot for hidden mines? It’s true! That research also showed that cats and dogs transfer ESP information between one another.

FDR green-lighting a project to use bats as living-bombs? Yes! It’s here too!     

Monster Army and Ape-Human Hybrids

A book about monsters would not be complete without the scientific Dr. Frankenstein creations, real or rumored. Redfern explores the tale of Russian physiologist Ilya Ivanov, who was hired, allegedly by none other than Joseph Stalin to create an army out of a race of genetically spliced half human/half ape men in late 1920’s. The book is good at digging for the truth behind such wild claims and its author is not one to simply accept such stories at face value. There is something here for skeptics’ and believers’ alike. Redfern covers all of the bases. 

And concerning the reality of the Russian ape-men?

“What we have here then, is a saga that has some truth to it, that describes very real attempts to create human-ape hybrids that were undertaken by the Soviet Union’s scientific elite, that were funded by the Soviet Academy of science, and that did have the support of the Bolshevik government.”  
(Reprinted, with permission of the publisher, from MONSTER FILES © 2013 Nick Redfern. Published by New Page Books a division of Career Press, Pompton Plains, NJ. 800-227-3371. All rights reserved.)

Stalin’s involvement, however, as the author points out, remains to be see.

There are other ape-people here too, those of the long-lost-cousin variety, and a few stories of possible Neanderthal’s show up for a visit.

The best is the last one in chapter 3, (again from the U.S.S.R.) recounting the story of a Lt. Col.  Karapetyan in the Soviet Army’s Medial Service in World War II.  A strange looking man had been captured; who the Soviet’s initially thought was a spy. Covered in a long brown coat of shaggy hair, six-feet tall with powerful arms, the beast had to be kept in a cold room because it could not bear heat.

The possibility of what any of these ape-people could have been makes any future trip to my local zoo’s ape exhibit, a disturbing one.

Indian Jones: Monster Hunter

Adventurer Tom Slick, the possible real-life inspiration for Indiana Jones is profiled in his possible involvement as a spy for the CIA. Slick studied at Harvard and MIT, served in the Navy during the Pacific engagement of WWII and was also instrumental in three groups that later became the Texas Bio-medical Research Institute and the Southwest Research institute. For all intense of purposes, Slik was a man who had solid connections to important people. He was also a globetrotting adventurer who had a very real passion for mystery beasts like the famed Yeti, A.K.A. the Abominable Snowman. 

The real reason, as some have theorized, for Tom Slick’s 1956 trek to Tibet wasn't just to search for the Yeti but also to use the expedition as a cover story for a secret CIA mission to spy on the encroaching communist Chinese government that was attempting to takeover Tibet. The evidence that is presented in Monster Files certainly lends credibility to Slick's clandestine role. Redfern presents a document from the US State Department from 1959 titled: Regulations Covering Mountain Climbing Expeditions in Nepal – relating to Yeti.

And it doesn't end there. That chapter continues to link the loose threads of the JFK assassination, Bigfoot, and the budding career of none other than George H. W. Bush (AKA Bush 41) and ties them all together neatly into one tight bundle!

The real scare comes at the end of that chapter with the mysterious death of Tom Slick on October 6th of 1962. Returning from a hunting trip while flying over Montana, Slick's plane seems to have disintegrated in flight. As you can imagine, the sinister notes of a conspiracy can be heard. Did the CIA monster hunter know one-too-many secrets, secrets that doomed him to an early grave?

Locking Down the Mysteries of the Loch?

Our friend Nessie, the great Loch Ness Monster is visited and re-visited numerous times and for different reasons throughout the book. The good thing is that this never gets old. You still have so many questions. Sure, Nessie could be a ruse by the British government to hide sophisticated weapons, argues Monster Files, but then, that does not explain the sightings that date back before submarines were invented, as the author also notes.

And then there’s British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s interest in protecting Nessie for Scottish tourism! 

The hot idea for me in Monster Files, was how could there be so many sighting of a large creature that could not possibly survive with such a scant food supply provided by the Loch? The possibility that Nessie could in fact be the ghost of an extinct dinosaur, is a mind-blowing concept.    

Bigfoot: What the U.S. Government Doesn't Want You to Know     

Mount Saint Helens erupted with terrible violent force in May of 1980. Once all of the volcanic ash had settled, there were rumors and scattered reports that several beasts resembling Sasquatch were whisked away by the US Army Corps of Engineers’. Chapter 18 holds more surprises too, but the reason for any government involvement can only be speculated. The book points to the idea that these beasts, Bigfoot, have some sort of special ability that the military is studying.

There’s a chapter here too on UFO’s and Bigfoot. The possibility that these creatures can jump into other dimensions and that they have psychic abilities are the possible reasons given for government/military involvement.     

Monster Mash-Up

There are many stories that haunt and fascinate and the brief tale of the US Government trying to hot-wire a common house-cat to work as a spy, was for me, a show-stopper. It is just one of many that make this book a must have. The case of the dissected Bigfoot, Princess Di and the large black killer cat, the WWII werewolf; it’s all page turning stuff! There are so many good tales here highlighting any one story does a disservice to the other weird tales. Nick Redfern’s Monster Files delivers mysteries, monsters, conspiracies and excitement. It’s a book to read and read again.

Monster Files by Nick Redfern
New Page Books 15.99
Paperback 288 Pages

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Fiji Islanders haul in 'mystery' underwater creature (PHOTO)


Fiji Islanders haul in 'mystery' underwater creature (PHOTO)

Serafina Silaitoga
Wednesday, June 19, 2013
Fiji Times

fini world map.jpg
AFTER three years of practically fearing the sea, villagers of Naiqaqi in Cakaudrove yesterday put that anxiety to rest after they caught the scary looking sea creature.

In 2010 villagers had raised their concern with this newspaper after they first sighted the creature.

Unknown to the villagers who have seen it for the first time, the top part of the creature, has features of a sting ray while the bottom is of the shark.


Mass Hysteria, Ghost Attack, or Both? 3,500 workers stop work in Bangladesh after ghost attack

"The Bangladeshi garment industry is still recovering from the April collapse of a garment factory which killed 1,129 workers. In addition, there have been several recent cases of factory fires and water contamination for the workers to deal with." 
- Manufacturers' Monthly, June 20th, 2013 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013
Emirates 24/7

Agitating workers refused to join duty after management did not take any steps to drive out ghost(s)

Owners of a Bangladesh garment factory were forced to offer prayers and distribute food to the poor on Wednesday in a bid to drive out what workers believed was a ghost at the plant, police said.

Some 3,500 workers stopped work at the plant in Gazipur, north of Dhaka on Tuesday, and smashed furniture to demand action to remove the ghost, which some workers claimed had attacked them in the ladies' washroom.

"The agitating workers refused to join duty and vandalised the factory after the management did not take any steps to drive out the ghost," Gazipur industrial police inspector Showkat Kabir told AFP.

Story continues here: emirates247.com

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