AREA 51 Whistle Blower Bob Lazar's First interview in many years - Still Standing by Story of Aliens & Crashed UFOs (VIDEO)

Area 51, aerial view and entrance warning signs
Mark Turner
Mysterious World

Always controversial, Bob Lazar had recently been hiding from public view for a number of years, but he has finally resurfaced 25 years after the wild claims of alien bodies, and reversed engineered UFOs all hidden by the United States in a government facility no one had, at the time, ever heard of; Area 51. Though the name and location were never acknowledged by the government, in recent years the CIA confirmed its existence.

The base became famous and so did Bob Lazar. But as time wore on, he became reclusive and shunned the public spotlight. Now, 25 years later, the news man that broke the story of Area 51, George Knapp was able to coax Bob Lazar into a rare interview. As can be expected, he stands by what he said so many years ago.

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