July 4th New York Long Island UFOs - Video - Multiple Witnesses See Same Lights

Video captures from the Long Island UFO video, July 4th 2011

I received multiple witness reports of lights in the sky on the night of July 4th 2010, all at nearly the same span of time. 

The first witness said that he and he boss view them. A 'formation' of about 6 lights move over Staten Island at around 10 PM, July 4th 2011.

"There were 6 brightly colored spots evenly spaced and seemed to be flying in a straight line, then they seemed to pair up and flew straight up and disappeared into the clouds. The whole incident lasted about 3-5 minutesThey were WAY to high in the sky to be fireworks and lit to brightly and way to long to fireworks. They were thousands of feet in the sky. I was in Brooklyn facing west and the formation was over Staten Island. They were NOT planes from Newark Airport, they were way to high in the sky and too close together for the proximity to Newark Airport."

I then received a report on the comment section of the above sighting:

"On Staten Island, facing north, my wife and I saw over sixteen of these lights moving from west to east in a straight line on the same night at 9:50 pm." 

The third report came with a video from Long Island NY, captured by will2121ful, (his YouTube name, respectively).  Although hard to see, there are clearly some lights there. I enhanced some stills and have presented them above and below this report.  I contacted the man that made the video below, asking him about the precise location and the time of the sighting.

"This occurred on Long Island, NY east portion road, at approximately 9- 930pm, The video is somewhat unclear, but in person it was clearly there.

About 6-8 lights in perfect distance apart from one another in a horizntal line.  The lights then formed into different triangular shapes. At one point in the vid a vehicle pulls out of a parking lot and shins there headlights into my car , at that moment you can look above the moving vehicle and see the lights clearer.  It seemed as if they were hovering over the Long Island Expressway.  They disappeared one by one. There were also several other people recording the event as well."

Three mystery lights above Long Island NY from the above video

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  1. i saw them too..they were perfectly aligned.it was crazy. i was with 2 of the biggest sceptics and was glad they were there to see it--otherwise they never would have believed me ..my friend in the back seat saw it too. we stopped and got out of the car..we were in levittown,n.y. at that point--must have been around 10 pm..--maureen n.y.

  2. I saw 8 orange balls in the sky on july 3rd 2011 about 8:40 at night facing south in port jeff station new york. They looked like they were on a tether line because they came from southwest to northeast at approximately 4 minute intervals all heading on the same path. I have video of one but there is really no perspective (just a dot on black background). Saw one additional "ball" on a diferent plane shortly after the 8 heading in the same direction. I am not crazy and i know they were not planes, helicopters or ballons. My family witnessed the event also and all agreed what we saw was not aircraft or baloons. never saw anything like it before or since. Told others about it and one said they witnessed the sighting on the 4th.

  3. The picture in the middle the purple one me and my bro sawa bunch ina zig zag formation over manhattan the broke apart and flew up in the sky my bros the sceptic but hes the one who spotted them first

  4. I saw 3 of them on the south shore of Seaford Long Island, South of Levittown where Maureen saw the lights. These were also aligned but they were 3 yellowish lights. I pointed it out to my 2 other friends and we were all in aw. Kind of bright not blinking, not moving, no noise, nothing, just still. We agreed it wasn't a plane, helicopter, or balloon because they were not flashing or moving very still at first until one by one they started moving. One after the other they came in our general direction still high in the sky and one after another vanished.

  5. Thanks you for your report 8/7/11 and everyone that has reported on this event. :-)

  6. its tuesday morning iam at the bus transit center ,4:42 am clear sky stars very visible and a bright light clearly not a plane cause it didnt strobe red whit blue at all nada once just floated about 3000 ft or so in a large curved pattern . at one point a plane passed it. it never broke speed or its course its light source never blinked or dimmed or went out it remained the exact way from the time we spoted it until we couldnt see it any longer. i have to say 100% a UFO .

  7. i was there it was wild to see def a ufo to slow for a plane it didnt have any charastics of a plane the only thing in common was it flew