Defiance Ohio July 3rd Fireworks & UFO 2011

Defiance Ohio UFO, July 3rd 2011

The video from Defiance Ohio matches what we saw over the Marion County Fairgrounds in Ohio last night on July 4th 2011.  My camera really didn't do a very good job of capturing it, but the video from Defiance is exactly what we saw.  It was like a helicopter but did not make a helicopter noise, but there was a faint motor sound like the ABC video below.  It did not blink and was orange like this object. There was a small single engine plane in the area and it was obviously a plane with the motor sound and two solid lights and a single blinking light.  The orange light craft however was large, flew directly over the Colosseum area where the fireworks were to begin and made 2 passes over us in a straight line in the course of some 10 minutes before the show began (a half hour late). I wonder if this is a new military homeland security craft? I know that the black-hawk chopper that had to be left in Afghanistan and was blown-up by our own troops so that the enemy could not use it, had stealth capabilities. (See the second video below) Is this what people saw over the July 4th weekend?  Or this something altogether different?  

The Defiance Ohio UFO July 3rd 2011

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  1. I saw an orange orb from my backyard in Toledo Ohio around 10:00pm, it was not an airplane. It moved from the south to the north and when it was about over Sylvania Ohio it turned west toward Indiana and moved out of sight. I am thinking it could be the same one seen over Defiance as it was moving in that general direction when it was last sighted. I have never seen anything like it and I am 53 years old. Your picture looks like what I saw.