Search for Mountain Lion in Canton Ohio

At 4:30 PM, on July 4th 2011, a report came to several law enforcement agencies in Canton Ohio that a mountain lion had been spotted in the densely populated city near Akron. The report states that local officials 'believe' that the animal escaped from a nearby exotic animal farm, yet no one from the farm was contacted to see if a mountain lion had escaped. And now the search has been suspended for unexplained reasons. Search for Loose Mountain Lion in Canton Suspended.  Meanwhile in New Concord Ohio, some 70 miles south of Canton, an alleged mountain lion has been attacking local cattle. Ohio Mountain Lion Attacking Livestock?

UPDATE: According to CNN "Police checked with an area resident who owns exotic animals, but the man said he didn't own a mountain lion, and none of his other animals were missing." Just as I had thought.
Mountain lion reported loose in Ohio

Mountain Lion Scare Closes Ohio Park, June 6th 2011

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