UFO hovers over Navy Ship - same ship later has equipment problems

Mark Turner
Mysterious World

A former US Navy serviceman has recently come forward with a new report of an August 4th, 2010 incident over the waters near the Hawaiian Islands.

On March 10th of 2014, the Navy serviceman explains to MUFON (the Mutual UFO Network) that their ship was headed back to a San Diego home port from a series of naval exercises, when at about 10:15 PM, while standing on the deck, he saw a 'medium sized ball of light about 10 to 20 feet above he water. The ball traveled along with the ship for about 15 minutes, when suddenly, at a quick speed, it moved to the rear of the ship and then 'nearly instantly' the ball of light rose to a position of about 200 feet above them, where it seems to have disappeared.

Startled, he went to report the incident to the Combat Information Center or CIC, but he was 'brushed off'. He then went to the radar operator who had overheard his story.

"The petty officer on watch proceeded to show me that he had contact on the surface and air search radar that corresponded to what I had witnessed. He also told me that the same chain of events has been reported three other times by other individuals and had been occurring since our transit had begun two days prior." (Emphasis added)

"I do not recall if the incidents had been logged or not in the CIC watch contact log. I seem to recall being told by this petty officer that they were instructed to maintain contact and observe its movements, but don't bother logging it as it didn't appear hostile or of any interest. I was also told by him that the past two nights they had lost contact due to extreme elevation at about the same time each night. A few hours before dawn."

"Oddly enough during the actual RIMPAC (Rim of the Pacific Exercise) exercises, my ship, as well as every other ship in our strike group, experienced strange connectivity and communication issues. An investigation was launched by the strike group commander under the premise that there was a suspected probe initiated by the Chinese on our entire strike group. I later discovered that the communications and systems phenomenon the ships experienced had no explainable origin and no evidence of an attack from a foreign nation was detected."
While the Naval Serviceman seems to be the only witness on deck that night, this was not an isolated event.

Story Srouce: Roger Marsh Examiner.com

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