Lost Thunderbird Photo Found? You have to see this!

Thunderbird / Pterodactyl  photo that emerged in 2011

This latest find, unfortunately with no information attached to it, if real, is the best evidence of the famed Thunderbird of Native American legend. The beak looks like it's adapted for fishing, like a crane, and the chest shows feathers. In my humble opinion, this does not look Photoshopped. By the quality of film and the style of dress, I'm guessing this is from the 1950's or early 60's. 

From the Cryptomundo website.

"The appearances are here and here, but they give no info on the actual source."

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  1. This is helping me out on my history project this is super cool

  2. James Carroll10/12/13, 3:09 AM

    Sorry, but this obviously a faked composite; a digital alteration of a real photograph. The original picture appears to be a photograph on low speed black and white film, from something like a cheap box-type camera, probably around 1950, judging by the clothing. Look closely at the lines hanging down from the "crossbeam"- the cropped-in "bat overlay" is noticably sharper and though the faker(s) did a good job on the far right ropes, the rest are tellingly amateurish. As for the rest of the image, use your imagination; this quite simply is not a modern picture of an extinct animal. Real "cryptozoologists" need to police themselves better than this. Again, this fakery is obvious and easy to dissect the glaring errors and telltale signs. This image has been heavily manipulated and when you blow it to only about 250% in a web browser, the mismatching hashmarks demonstrate at least two different scanline fields. This could've been done with any home consumer grade devices and software in 2011; 200 dpi scanner, ms paint, etc.