July 4th UFO Seaford Long Island, 2011

Long Island NY UFOs, July 4th 2011 

On the comment section of the July 4th New York Long Island UFOs - Video - Multiple Witnesses See Same Lights I recieved the following anonymous report:

I saw 3 of them on the south shore of Seaford Long Island, South of Levittown where Maureen saw the lights. These were also aligned but they were 3 yellowish lights. I pointed it out to my two friends, we were in awe. Kind of bright not blinking, not moving, no noise, nothing, just still. We agreed it wasn't a plane, helicopter, or balloon because they were not flashing or moving very still at first until one by one they started moving. One after the other they came in our general direction still high in the sky and one after another vanished.
This report did not come with photos, video or the date of the sighting, but since it was on the July 4th Long Island post, I assume that is the date. 

Thanks to the above witness for their report.  
- Mark 

See Long Island New York Independence Weekend UFOs July 3rd & 4th 2011 for additional reports on this same event. 

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