Long Island New York Independence Weekend UFOs July 3rd & 4th 2011

Long Island NY UFOs, July 4th 2011

On the comment section of the July 4th New York Long Island UFOs (Video)Multiple Witnesses See Same Lights I received two additional sighting reports.

Several objects were seen over New York Staten Island on July 4th and a video was made of the July 4th sighting over the East Portion Road at around 9:30 PM. On the video post I received the following sightings;

The first witness had two skeptics with them who offered no skeptical criticism.

The second report gives a description of 8 orange lights, seemingly linked together and heading in the same direction. These reports are not Chinese lanterns, fireworks or planes.
Defiance Ohio UFO, July 3rd 2011

I personally saw something over a fireworks display in my hometown of Marion Ohio, that flew silently over the area where the fireworks were to begin. It matched something that was seen in Defiance Ohio a night before during a fireworks show. (Video below.)  There were a slew of sightings across the United States over the 2011 Independence weekend as a video below confirms.           


 Anonymous said...
I saw them too..they were perfectly aligned.it was crazy. i was with 2 of the biggest sceptics and was glad they were there to see it--otherwise they never would have believed me ..my friend in the back seat saw it too. we stopped and got out of the car..we were in Levittown ,n.y. at that point--must have been around 10 pm..--Maureen n.y.

Anonymous said...
I saw 8 orange balls in the sky on July 3rd 2011 about 8:40 at night facing south in port Jeff Station new york. They looked like they were on a tether line because they came from southwest to northeast at approximately 4 minute intervals all heading on the same path. I have video of one but there is really no perspective (just a dot on black background). Saw one additional "ball" on a different plane shortly after the 8 heading in the same direction. I am not crazy and i know they were not planes, helicopters or balloons. My family witnessed the event also and all agreed what we saw was not aircraft or balloons. never saw anything like it before or since. Told others about it and one said they witnessed the sighting on the 4th.
UFOs over US July 4th weekend 2011

Long Island NY UFOs July 4th, 2011

Defiance Ohio, July 3rd 2011

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