Another British radio host sees a UFO just days earlier of previous sighting by BBC reporter

On August 3rd, 2011, BBC radio sports reporter Mike Sewell called into his radios morning show to say that he had just witnessed a large disc shaped craft for 2 to 3 minutes above a field in Hertfordshire England. Now comes the following report from another radio personality claiming to have seen a UFO just days before.   

From the Hertfordshire Mercury . . .

More UFOs over Cottered?

By Ciaran Gold

Travel broadcaster Joanne Heart 
A NATIONAL radio travel broadcaster has come forward saying she saw something inexplicable in the sky in Cottered the day after a BBC reporter spotted an object.
Last Thursday (August 4) the day after sports reporter Mike Sewell told Radio Five Live listeners about his encounter, Heart Radio’s Joanne Webb, who lives outside Cottered, told her story on presenter Jamie Theakson's breakfast show.

Describing an incident that happened one morning at 4am on her way to work, the 35-year-old said: "A few weeks ago I saw this ball of light, it was bright white and until recently I thought it was a shooting star.

"But it was so low it was like someone fired a firework completely horizontally in front of my car and then it just disappeared."

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Here is an audio recording of the BBC reporters sighting . . . 

BBC News sports Reporter sees UFO!

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