Canton Ohio UFO July 4th 2011 - Television Coverage


NORTH CANTON, Ohio - There are always a lot of lights in the sky on the night before Independence Day. But what one North Canton couple saw from their backyard Sunday didn't look like fireworks.

 "These two objects floated by and then two more floated by and a short time later, two more floated by," Joanne Damico said.  She described the mysterious objects as orange colored globes.

Damico's husband John, who also saw them, said they were too quiet to be airplanes. "We saw lots of planes that night," he said. "This didn't look anything like that."

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  1. I saw the same thing, on the same day, here in west cleveland. It began as one, then two came along, and they all formed a triangle. Then the triangle flew away over my house.

  2. Chinese Lanterns