UFO Formation Near Canton Ohio - 5/24-25 2011 Matches Previous Objects

Posted from an anonymous eyewitness on my blog under the May 14th Columbus UFO report  comes this new sighting of a formation of lights near Canton Ohio.  
Anonymous said...

I saw about 10-12 orange lights tonight, hovering around in an odd formation, for about 5 min. then they were gone. This was near Canton, OH. Reading about some other sightings, sounds very much the same. I was thinking maybe night time sky divers, or? Never seen anything like it! Anyone one else see anything in Ohio tongiht?


  1. I live in South Point, Ohio. I was enjoying the stars with my husband and a friend of ours on May 25th, when we noticed two stars started to dance. As we watched them move close together, one moved in a small circle, and they both flew out of sight. Just a few seconds later, four planes came from behind us, and three more came from the Kentucky side of the Ohio river. Those planes stayed in the sky all night, and while I watched them circle the sky, I noticed a triangle of seperated lights. A plane flew low in our direction and the point of the triangle disappeared in a dash across the sky. The other two hovered for a second, then moved close to each other, and also flew off very quickly. Last night, May 27, I pointed out another light to the same friend and my husband! This has been amazing!

  2. Oops! Sorry, last night was the 28th :) I must be lost in space.