Delaware UFO Sighting - More Reports of the 5/21/2011 Event

I recieved more reports about the lights in Delaware Ohio from Saturday 5/21/2011. They are as follows. 

Anonymous said...

I saw those lights last night. It was possibly the scariest thing ive ever seen. Ive always been a skeptic about everything, but that made me reevaluate things. 6 of us saw it.

Another report came to my e-mail today:

My husband, 2 adult daughters and I saw the UFO's/saucer's last Saturday night in Delaware around 10:00 - 10:30 pm. It was right behind our housing development. Possible coming from the field behind us? There was at least 8 of them shooting up in the sky. They turned white, yellow and red. They rocked back and forth for a minute and it looked like a couple of them went into eachother? Eventually, they went into the clouds or...something? Why I say "something" is? Our camera show's something that looked like a full moon but...we didn't see the moon when we we're looking up? It may have been in the clouds and it only appeared in our camera and only on the 3rd picture that we took? Plus, I don't think the moon is northwest at 10:00 - 10:30 at night? Unfortunately, we we're to late to get the whole thing with our camera, but we we're able to get the end.

The best of the submitted photos

The picture is hard to make out - even after some enhancements, but those lights look too big to be stars. 

Thanks to everyone who reported their sighting and keep them coming! 
- Mark

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  1. I too wish someone would figure these "lights" in the sky.... I have lived in Del, for 10 yrs, am a night owl but never have seen these red/green/white light glittering in the sky. I normally see them remaining stationary, not leaving the site in the sky, for hours. I only have binoculars, and was surprised at what I saw w/ those. The naked eye, they don't appear round, more geometric like, and again, red and green flickering.. but viewing thru some basic Binoculars.. it looked totally and perfectlly round, and WHITE, and almost resembled the geodesic dome at Disney World, The frame lit up white, and then dark in between. I saw these last Nov, and other occasions, and spotted again, tonight, at least 15 or 16 at various distances.at 8:35 pm in Delaware Ohio, 3/6/2012. I was told they were planets.. but.. too many for that, and in my years up here, have never seen any of this before late 2011 and 2012. One was closer, and so bright, and when I viewed tonight, there was a "black" band, that appeared to surround it, and then move from the bottom of the sphere, to the top and back down... I am totally baffled, and again, wonder if the "earth" tilt, is affecting the sky, adding colors.. why colors appear to the naked eye, and then bright white, thru binoculars.. SOME BODY GET A TELESCOPE.. where is Perkins Observatory when you need them... Thanks

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  3. as a kid living in Delaware ohio many yrs ago my grandma and I were in here backyard, mid-day, I was about 7. we both saw a blue orb about the size of a beach ball come over the top of her house from the front and over the trees in her backyard. it then went straight up into the sky and disappeared. ive also encountered an alien as well. I was 10-11 and fell asleep in my living room on the floor in tanglewood apartments. I awoke at about 2:30 in morning and rolled over and saw staring at me through the window an alien. it was only about 3-4 ft tall. it had its hand up to the window and just was staring at me. I was so afraid I didn't move for at least an hr and a half until finally I rolled over slowly trying to make sure he didn't see me notice him. I eventually fell back asleep but am still to this day very freaked out by the whole thing.

    1. You have no idea how weirded out reading your post made me feel. I lived in Delaware, Oh. In the 80s. When I was about 8 is was up late with a babysitter and saw something similar hovering over my house. It slowly moved over the house and back several times as we ran from the front door to the back a few times as it passed over. This was around 1am. When it finally stopped over the back yard, my babysitter freaked out, slammed the door and told me to stay away from the windows. Seeing an adult scared made me worried. A few minutes later, there was the loudest banging on the door. I was loud and rapid almost like someone was trying to beat a hole in the door. We were terrified, but crept to the window to see what it was. We pulled the curtain back a little and saw a silhouette standing completely still facing the door. I remember my babysitters face turn pale as she yanked me back and pulled me into the center of the house. I always talk about this, do I decided to Google "Ufo Delaware, Oh." and stumbled upon this page.