Ohio UFO Wave of May 2011

After all of the Ohio UFO reports that came to this site within a three week period, I decided to take the video & photographic evidence along with some of the reports and make a very brief video blog of the event.  See links below for more of the details surrounding these sightings.

Ohio UFOs - MUFON reports show a continuing wave dating back to 2010

Mysterious World Ohio UFO Exclusives!

More reports of the Ohio UFO wave

South Point Ohio UFO May 25th & 28th 2011-Mysterious World Exclusive!

UFO Formation Near Canton Ohio - 5/24-25 2011 Matches Previous Objects

Delaware UFO Sightings - More Reports on the 5/21/2011 Event

UFOs Formation Delaware Ohio - May 21 2011

Columbus Ohio UFO - Video & Eyewitness Report - Saturday May 14th 2011

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