More reports of the Ohio UFO wave

I found some sightings that I missed in my own backyard, so to speak. So without further delay, here are a list of very recent Ohio UFO reports.

First, lets start with the best; June 6th, 2011, the sighting of a craft and an entity in Marion county in the village of Prospect, at around 11 O'clock at night.  A man and his fiance saw what they thought was a tractor. The closer they got, they saw that the lights were pulsating and someone was walking around outside of it.  The 'tractor' however was hovering above the ground.  The occupant must have climbed inside the craft, because they drove closer to it and it began to move away.  The craft seems to have double-back and began to follow them with increasing speed. Then they lost sight of it.

A few days earlier, also in Marion, on May 30th, 2011, at around 5 AM, two bright lights were seen moving at a height too low for conventional aircraft.  The lights moved toward and over the observers into the sky.  The lighst seems to twinkle and turn yellow and orange and then blended into the star field above, fading away.  Unfortunately, the report does not say if it was in the county or in city of Marion. The same day at 4 AM in Harrison Ohio, near the Ohio boarder near Cincinnati, two bluish white lights were seen moving in unison in a 'U' type formation.    

On the same day, May 30th 2011, there were three other sightings in different parts of the state!  At 10 PM in Minster Ohio, which is north of Dayton, a mother and daughter saw 3 to 4 orange glowing oblong objects that rose higher and higher until they completely vanished from sight.  These same lights were seen at the same time, only some 25 miles away in Piqua Ohio, flying at a slow speed in the east.  The husband and wife reported that there were about 5 objects glowing white and orange.  The lead object shot off and disappeared.  "The two following the leader did the same, while the fourth turned upward and west, revealing a steady red light" it disappeared as well. The last light headed west and vanished. These reports were all made to the UFOs Northwest website.

I made a short video that sums up the reports that I received with the picture and the video evidence.
Something has been going on in Ohio, I just wish I knew who they are and what they are doing.

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  1. I have seen this object since 2015.all summer long.I've watched it fly into electrical storms an out like it was gathering energy.haven't it since until just a couple of nights ago.1_29_17 it's one great big white light hovering an bouncing around an then disappears out of sight.it flips me out.seen it again tonight.