Ghost Girls - The True Story of an Ohio Haunting

This story is about a house located in central Ohio.  I have decided to protect the identity of the individuals involved.    

A family moved into their new home.  A husband and wife and their twin adopted daughters.  Time passed without incident, then a few years went by and the twins began to see the ghosts of two girls near their own ages.  Frightened, they told their parents who refuse to believe them.  The girls had never made up stories of ghosts before, so they did quietly wonder to themselves what their daughters had witnessed.  Then one night, the father saw the apparition of the ghost girls with his own eyes.  It would not be the last time he saw them.  They continued to appear before him, asking if the girls could play.  The father thought he was imagining things, but the ghost children persisted, appearing before the father and his twin daughters.  The girls began to believe that they did not want to play but that the ghosts wanted to ‘take them’.

The sightings continued to happen on at least ten separate occasions.  Eventually, the twins were so distraught over the hauntings that they could not sleep at night.  In the end, the spirits won, and the family moved away, leaving the house for good.

Years later, the family learned that within only five hundred feet of their old home, a tragic automobile crash had claimed the lives to two young girls. To this day, crosses and toys are laid at the site.  I believe that the car crash happened sometime during the years that they lived at the home and that the hauntings began soon after that.  I realize that this sounds like something from the movie The Shining, but I know some of the people involved, they are not the type to invent wild stories just to entertain friends and strangers. If they say that they saw this, then I believe them.  
The house where the hauntings took place.

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