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This is a story told to me by a close friend . . . 

My Sister-in-law, Jenny, was playing with a Ouija board.  There had been an ongoing rumor in our family that Jenny was a witch.  My mother told Jenny, "Don't mess with those things, they are very powerful.  They open doors to the other side that you sometimes can't close."  Jenny ignored my mothers warning.
Jenny and my brother had a baby, Nancy, who was sleeping in her crib upstairs on the second floor.  Jenny was at work and my brother was downstairs and heard the baby crying.  He went upstairs and saw on the baby's head; blood.  He touched the baby's head but didn't see any cuts.  Then, my brother felt a damp splat on his hand.  He looks up and see's blood, or what looks like blood, dripping from the ceiling.  He moves the baby's crib into another room, cleans the baby.  He goes into the attic but can't find any thing that's spilled.  There was nothing above the baby's room.  No boxes, no cans of paint or chemicals, nothing. 

My brother tells our Mom about it and she says, "you need to get rid of that Ouija board."  My brother takes the board out back to burn it in the trash.  I was there, and it would not burn.  He poured gasoline on it and it hardly burned, it just smoked.  While the flames seemed to only burn the gasoline, we heard a scream, a screech that came from the board!

After the flames died, my brother took an axe to it.  The board was finally destroyed.  There were no more incidents in the house.  

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  1. Love this story!! My Mom and a friend of hers use to dabble on the Ouija Board, I did but it scared the crap out of me and I haven't used one since my early teens.

  2. I only used one once, and it was a very small one. Like a travel toy version. I always heard it's like opening the front door to your house and letting the first person that walks by inside. I'm sure there are more positive stories than the one above. LOL

  3. I have yet to hear positive feedback from dabbling with Ouija , I am aware that there are Psychics that use them as a tool of the trade and i'm sure in that instance it is within a protective circle with all the protection chants / tools etc etc in place . What I do not get is why people think its ok to spend a rainy saturday night playing around with entities because make no mistake that is what the Ouija does , it opens a portal to the lower astral plains , once the portal is opened anything can enter , Spirit can then assume the identity of a loved one / friend etc , do not believe it , these entities are deceivers , you are just a vessell for them and make no mistake they will use you to their full capacity , the least you will have is a very good scare , you may end up having an entity attachment or worse . I sound pretty negative , don't I , I have had verbal exchanges with persons who thought they were brave and that OMG People its just a Board , having that said alot of times there is entity attachment is through negative thoughtforms from the person/s who are dabbling but the end result is the same , a whole pile of trouble , Do Not Mess With Something You Have No Knowledge Of .. Im going to be quiet now lol