The Ghost that Communicates through TV

This story comes to me from someone I knew in high school. 
Thanks Rhonda.   

While I was engaged to the man that would soon be my husband, I was at a family party and everyone was talking about what a sweet and loving woman their grandmother had been.  My soon to be sister in-law says; “Yea, until she haunts you!”  I didn’t believe her whatsoever. That is, until the day I watched her son for her. 
I was sitting there watching TV at my sister in-laws house, while the boy was in another room playing.  Suddenly, I hear this odd noise and the TV changes channels to the Price is Right?! This was before the days of DVR’s or TiVo’s. The volume shot up and now it’s playing really loud.  I try to change the channel and it will not go up or down.  I then went to check on her son and I see him standing there, staring at the wall, laughing.  It was like he saw someone but these was no one there.  I pick him up and he just keeps laughing. Well, the TV finally cooperates giving me back control, and I didn’t think anything more of it. 

Time passed, I was pregnant now and was at my sister in-laws house again, only this time not alone, my mother in-law was there.  The boy and I are in living room when again, the TV changes channels by itself to the Price is Right!  My mother –in-law walks in the room and says “Mother, that is enough!  You’re scaring Nate and Rhonda!”  I asked her what the hell was going on.  She looked at me dead in the face and said, “That was my mother’s favorite show.  She use to laugh the whole time and have the volume up so loud, it drove you crazy.”  I asked if this happens a lot.  “No, just started after Nate was born.” 

After I had my daughter, I was home our own home this time, by myself and it happened again.  The channel changes, the volume goes up.  I called my husband, crying.  He said as plain as day, “Tell Grandma she’s scaring you.”  I told him that was stupid.  But I mustered up the courage and told her that she was scaring me.  The TV began to work just fine. 
One night, it was just me and my daughter our home asleep in bed, my husband was away on military duty  The TV had been off for a long time.  Suddenly, the set turns on, the volume is very loud.  I thought, Goodnight!  Now what?!  I went into the living room and unplugged the set.  I went back to check on my daughter and notice that she had a very high fever.  I rushed her to the ER and the Doctor tells me that she had an upper respiratory infection that was very dangerous for her age, but I had got her to the hospital in time and that she would be OK.  All I could thing was that it was a good thing grandma woke me up.

The crazy thing is, every time there is something wrong with the kids, a TV will turn on with a very loud volume. 

The one that really got me is that after my husband was in the Army for about two months, I had sent my three year old daughter upstairs to brush her hair.  The next thing I know, I hear her yelling and crying.  I ask her what was wrong.  Kelly tells me, “I was looking the mirror and a lady came in the mirror.”  I thought my daughter has one big imagination and forgot about it.  Two days later we are my mother in-laws looking at family photos, and Kelly starts yelling and crying again.  I ask her what’s wrong and she’s holding a picture in her hand.  “Mommy, that’s the face I saw in the mirror.”  My sister in-law and her son were there and they look at the photo.  The boys eyes got really big.  He said to his mother, “Mommy, that’s the funny lady that makes me laugh and likes the Price is Right.”  My mother in-law, my sister in-law and I were in total disbelief. 

It may sound strange, but if a TV comes on by its self, I will run to see if my kids are alright. 

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