Sleeping Where a Man Died

This story comes to us from a woman who wishes to remain Anonymous . . .

My personal encounter with a spirit was at my sister’s house in Cardington Ohio in 2000.  My oldest sister had been married for 22 years. Her husband, who was an abusive alcoholic, came down with cirrhosis of the liver and died suddenly. She said she had to sell the house they had lived in for years because it was just too big for her alone. While it was for sale, she asked me to stay there and watch it for her to make sure it wasn’t setting empty because she now lived in another city and couldn’t check on it as often as I could. So I agreed to help out.

One night, while I stayed there alone by myself, I slept in the bedroom that they used. Around 2 a.m., I was awakened by a loud pound on the floorboard below my bed. Not just like someone hitting it, but a hard, pound that moved the bed. Startled, I sat straight up and thought, what the heck is that? I checked around and found that there was nothing in the basement below me. I thought I’d been dreaming. My brother-in-law used to hang out in the basement below that bedroom and drink and God only knows what else. He could be a violent person when he wasn’t sober, like killing dogs and other animals. He died in that house in the bathroom, which is close to that bedroom I slept in that night. I will always believe he was telling me I wasn’t welcome there and to leave soon.

Fortunately for me, I didn’t stay there another night because the house sold soon after that incident. I’ve never asked my sister, but I believe she didn’t want to keep the house for reasons other than what she told me.

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  1. Sounds like a typical Haunting , the spirit of your brother was and probably is still in the house , as he was not a nice character i agree with you that he probably did not want you in the house , you did the right thing by leaving that house , as I was reading your story I got goosebumps and I definitely did not sense good energy , when people pass they do not always go to the next level , they become earthbound and im sure that your brother in law is earthbound , did you ever try to find out if the new occupants ever experienced anything paranormal in the house ..