UFOs Make Formation in Delaware, Ohio - May 21 2011

Last night 5/21/2011, I saw a post from Megan Holland-Hord that she had viewed lights in the sky in the Delaware Ohio Area.   "They looked like fireworks shooting up, but never exploded. They slowly faded the higher they got into the sky."  I figured they were probably flares as that is what she thought they were.  But then I received the following comment on my Columbus Ohio UFO - Video & Eyewitness Report - Saturday May 14th 2011

Justin posts the following:

This just happened north of Delaware, OH. I watched for 5 minutes with my wife and her parents while the lights took formations and changed them a couple times then disappeared into the very low clouds. I even saw 2 of the lights rise up to take formation with the others. Creepiest thing I have ever seen....    

The video below was shot in Columbus Ohio, the county just south of Delaware, on the previous Saturday, May 14th.  Megan posted the following comment;

Mark, that video was IT!!! I had absolutely no idea what the lights were, but when my friend said flares, I was thinking, well maybe... I've never seen flares, so I don't know. But now I know... NOPE not flares!!!!! They were amber and yellow. The weird thing, is that they didn't shoot up in a perfectally straight line and they weren't fast at all. Very, very eerie!

If anyone has any more information, or if you have seen something unusual or have a paranormal story, share it with us. 

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  1. I saw those lights last night. It was possibly the scariest thing ive ever seen. Ive always been a skeptic about everything, but that made me reevaluate shit. 6 of us saw it.

  2. Wish I had seen them. Thanks for posting and letting us know.

  3. Thankgoodness, we're not crazy! We live in Lantern Chase in Delaware and my family and I saw this too. It was right behind our house. There was at least 8 to 10 of them that shot up in the sky. They changed colors from white, yellow and red. At the end. A couple of them flew into another one and then they all disappeard into the clouds. Well, we think the clouds? Our camera shows something that looked like the full moon? Maybe they went in there? We don't know but, it was a really strange experience. Umm, I'm not sure what to put for my profile, but would like to hear from Delaware residents, along with others. Here's my email address: marilynanderic@aol.com

  4. Hello,

    I just saw what I believe to be UFO's over Delaware Ohio. My wife and I watched as at least 8 Orange balls glided silently from the West to the North over the city. I have NEVER seen anything even remotely like this and I consider myself an aviation buff. These abjects made NO noise.

  5. I saw them too 0n 10/23.......I live in NW Delaware; so they came from the South to the North. There were about 15 following the same pattern. When it first started there were 3 together and each followed by themselves and lasted for about 7 minutes total. 5 people were on my deck and we all saw it. I called the Sheriff and the Police Dept. the next day and NO reports. No sound at all and the "fireball" went out as it went out of sight!