Our Lady of Consolation - Miracles & Orbs in Carey Ohio

In 2010, we took a trip north to Carey Ohio to visit Our Lady of Consolation, an impressive Catholic basilica and shrine.  It is a place that, for some, holds the power to heal.  The first miracle attributed to the shrine dates back to May 24th, 1875, when a statue of Our Lady of Consolation was to be moved by precession from the Frenchtown parish to the church in Carey.  The day before a violent storm with heavy winds and lightning raged all day.  On the day of the procession, heavy rain still fell even during mass. The priest considered calling the whole thing off the but the people assembled to begin the precession while the rain still poured.
"But behold, as soon as the statue was brought out of the church the sun pierced the clouds and was shining on the whole line of the procession all the way to the church-"  Then after the seven mile walk;  "Scarcely had we entered the church with the statue, when all of a sudden the rain poured down like a cloudburst and hardly anyone found time to enter the church to seek shelter elsewhere to escape the rain."  - Father Gordon, 1875
The statue in modern times.

There are stories of people coming to this place, praying and then later, experiencing a miraculous healing. Inside the church is large collection of crutches and canes that are from those who's prayers were answered. From the website Women on the Road comes the following two miracles;

by: Anonymous

When I was a child my grandmother would take me to the shrine on a bus trip from Ravenna, Ohio. This was mainly because I had a condition known as leg perthes. I wore a full brace on my right leg and a large 6" cork base shoe on my left foot. At 7 years old I was told that this condition would last for my entire life. After 3 years of Assumption visits I was cured. My brace is in the basement of the old church along with various other peoples crutches, bandages, etc.
I am now 53 years old and eternally grateful to the Blessed Mary for helping me.

by: Anonymous

We visited for daughter who after 7 years was blessed with a daughter, Grace and now 2 healthy boys to complete her family. Please now pray for Andrea who needs healing...
We visited on a weekday, so we could take in the art and architecture with out bothering worshipers.  We walked into the dimly lit church and felt a little out of place.  There were people there, they were obviously very sad, praying probably for an ill loved one.  There were leaving their prayers in the baskets left there.  They did not seem to notice us.  It wasn't until later that we saw orbs in our photos.  They could be particles of dust lit by the flash, or as some claim, spirits. I'm not sure what to think, but when blown-up, they are a bit spooky.

In the lower part of the church, I was startled by the sight of Saint Padre Pio, the priest who throughout his life experienced the stigmata, or 'the wounds of Christ'.  I was able to get in one photo before my batteries died.   I wondered if maybe the saint wanted me to pray instead of taking photos?

We then made our way to Shrine Park.

Shrine Park Alter
The gold plated statue is 12 feet high and the memorial altar is made of marble making this imposing structure some 50 high.  The art leading to the alter is something to behold as well.  There is something unusual about this place, a true power center of catholic belief and for an outsider like me, more than a little humbling.  If you are ever in the area, I highly recommend a visit to the basilica and national shrine of Our Lady of Consolation and make sure you bring extra batteries for your camera.  

- Mark       



  1. Thank you for your post on Our Lady of Consolation. My grandmother was born in Carey and we went there often when I was a child. I am planning on making another trip there soon. I wanted to make one correction, though. The first procession was from Frenchtown, not Fredricktown.

  2. Oops! Thank you for the correction. Transcription error. It has now been corrected. :)

  3. On a summer day in 1990, I decided to veer-off my route home to visit the shrine. For the first time in my career, I lost my job and was very depressed. I was returning from another of many interviews. I walked around the shrine grounds and went into the main church. After one Rosary, praying for a quick resolution to my situation, I went up to sign the book at the base of the alter. Doing so, I had a chance to read some of the requests. I was stunned. The requests made my situation look so small, I want back to the pew, knelt-down and cried profusely. I was beside myself with my selfish request.
    Within a week, an opportunity of a lifetime presented itself. I am absolutely convinced my prayer was answered.

  4. This church is a spiritual stablizing point for the area. Considering the sordid rumors about Carey's dark history, it's good to see something positive for once.

  5. My prayers healed a friend who have a few mini strokes back in 2009. I remember getting the phone call from her about her heart rate. I immediately dropped everything and headed to Carey to pray. The next day her heart rate returned to normal. That's the power of prayer. She is doing fine now due to countless prayers.

  6. I appreciate the respect you gave this on this page as well as on your visit-- however, I want to let you know that the word is altar, not alter -- totally different meanings.

    Thank you,

  7. Ever since I was a little girl my mother and my grandmother went to visit the shrine every year specifically on august 14th. I found out that when my mother was pregnant with two twin boys she had a rough time and had to give birth at seven months so they were premature two months but sadly only one survived. My mother prayed and said that if her child survives and is healthy she will visit the shrine every year on august 14th. I really do believe that this church has helped so many people.

  8. please pray for benjamin michael to have jesus enter his life and give him peace of mind and heal his heart

  9. My husband and I visited this church a couple of years ago. I was trying to get pregnant for the longest time so as we visited the church we went in and prayed and wrote down on the paper our prayer request. We stayed till night and left after they walked the statue. After a couple of weeks I found out our prayers were answered and I was pregnant. The church is truly a miracle place. God is good.

  10. I live in Carey, which is extremely small. I'm surprised to see that there is a page talking about this town.