Ohio UFOs - MUFON reports show a continuing wave dating back to 2010

Maybe they just like the variety of landscape, the or the unpredictable weather, but for whatever reason, reports of UFOs, real or hoaxed, continue to come from the buckeye state and according to the Examiner UFO website, this current wave dates back to September 2010.  The Mutual UFO Network or MUFON, is a reporting data center for UFO reports.  They also conduct investigations of mysterious objects. They have put Ohio at a level 5 for its UFO activity. I suppose that is high, as a level four seems to be lower than a five.        

A brief list of the strange events begins with September 23rd, 2010 at Canal Winchester on route 33 in Fairfield & Franklin counties when a driver saw a multi-colored, egg shaped object flying at around 200 feet off the ground. They slowed and pulled to the shoulder of the road to watch it. It flew with out wings and the lights 'encompassed' the entire object, changing from white to red.  The object was believed to be less that 4 feet in diameter.  Full report.

On October 9th of 2010, a limo driver delivered a wedding party to their destination and looked up to see a 'huge' black saucer hovering in the skies over Huntington Beach Park in Bay Village, located next to Lake Erie.  The lake has been the place of many UFO sighting for many decades. He watched it for about 10 minutes. He sat in the limo for a bit to rest his eyes and when he looked again, the object was gone.  Full report. 

A silent object in the shape of 'Z' hovered over a soccer game in Howland Center in Trumbull County on October 12th, 2010.  It hovered for about 3 minutes and had multiple witnesses.  It then emitted a white faint beam of light and then the object and its beam simply disappeared.  Full report.   

On October 13th 2010, a father and son saw a cigar shaped object hovering over Belmont avenue at Lewis Center.  They spotted and then drove under the object that was around 150 to 200 feet off the ground and was about the size of a bus. They saw what looked like white lights or windows illuminated from the inside.  It made no sound.  The father noticed that the lights from the nearby business signs lit-up a little, as if form an electrical charge.  After looking away for a moment during the course of their drive, the object disappeared.  Full report.

October 17th, 2010, for two hours, an Ohio family watches as four UFOs emerge from a 'black hole'. The first UFO was a set of lights in a triangle formation.  It was silent, "It's white lights were diffused almost as if a cloud was in front of it but there was no cloud." It moved 'like a hummingbird', "It was very fast and extremely large compared to the moon."  Ten minutes later something that looked like a shooting star but was actually two circles 'hooked together'.  It was red and white.  Then another object appeared 'from out of nowhere'.  It was round, with three lights with 'jagged edges' and followed the flight path of the first object.  After 20 minutes, a boomerang shaped object emerged from nowhere.  It had a transparent, almost invisible quality to it.  No location of these sightings was given. Full Report.

On October 27th 2010 a bright light in the shape of a triangle changed into a 'fuzzy ball' while it passed over an Ohio home. No location was given.  Full report.     

November 23rd, 2010, Austintown Ohio, Mahoning county, a fiery oval object was seen at two separate locations.  Full report.

On January 4, 2011 Cleveland.  A security guard caught 3 images of a lights spinning above a building.  Full report  
MUFON database image of UFO above Cleveland building

The Cleveland May 5th sighting got a lot of attention from national media by way of MSNBC and their coverage, stating that Cleveland had a total of 29 UFO sightings in 2008 alone!


May 9th, 2011 Cheviot Ohio, Hamilton county, a slow-moving, foot-ball shaped UFO about the size of a car, moved over a home.  As the multi-lighted object moved away, a second mystery object followed it. "I would say it was about 150 feet above the house. It was far too close to be a plane or helicopter and there was absolutely no sound." Full report.

Those are just some of the highlights of the MUFON reports for Ohio in the last 11 months.

Here are the list of Ohio MUFON reports from Roger Marsh and the Examiner.

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  1. I would say it was about 150 feet above the house. It was far too close to be a plane or helicopter and there was absolutely no sound.