Prospect Ohio UFO & Alien sighting? Photos of the Flight Path 6/6/2011

This report was submitted to the UFOs Northwest website and interested me greatly because I live only a few miles from the area, and I was in that part of the county on the same day, only a few hours earlier.  I contacted UFOs Northwest's William Puckett and he was kind enough to provided me with the contact information so I could possibly arrange an interview and find out more about the sighting.  I have requested an interview or at least an email question and answer but as of yet have not received a reply. I offered to keep their identity's a secret. As of this writing, it has been 6 days since I sent them an e-mail.  That is fine with me. Perhaps they don't check their e-mail as regularly as I do.

All of that aside, I did manage to go to the area of the sighting and take some photos and video.  We parked and made photos in the best location for our car so that it was out of the way.  I do not know the exact location of the initial sighting, but we were pretty much in the center of the small stretch of road.  We then plotted the course of the alleged craft and its pursuit of the witnesses.

Here is the full report of the episode as it appears on the UFOs Northwest website, unedited.  The time was 11:30 PM and was on a rural area of Prospect Ohio.  
My fiance and I were driving around the night of June 06, 2011. We live in a rural area. We came up behind what appeared to be a slow moving vehicle with it's hazards on. As we got closer more lights came on surrounding the object and appeared to pulsate. At first I thought it was a tractor (due to the rural area), but as we got closer I listened for an engine and it was completely quiet aside from my own car. We were roughly 20 yards away and could see something walking back and forth around it. As we watched you could see underneath it as if it was floating. When we got close it picked up speed and headed down the road so we turned off onto another road. As we reached the end of the road (a good 5 mile stretch). I looked in my rear view mirror and it was following behind us quickly gaining speed. We turned off and sped home and that was the last we saw.
Story Source - UFOs Northwest

Co Hwy 122 Dunbar Rd

Dunbar Rd

Dunbar Rd
Newman's Cardington Intersection

Newman's Cardington Rd West

Co Highway 120 intersection

North on Co Highway 120 Hughes Rd

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