Robots Taking Care of Seniors - The Future is Now

Mark Turner
Mysterious World

The future is here, or at least they're working on it. The somewhat spooky prospects of the elderly being cared for by automatons is quickly becoming a reality. A recent CNN story covered seniors who already have robot assisted help for daily tasks. 'Mr. Robin' is a mobile bot developed by GiraffPlus that has a touch screen tablet attached to it where the robots head would be. At an apartment in Italy where 94 year old Lea Mina Ralli resides, Mr. Robin monitors her vital signs and activity via remote sensors located around the home. This information is sent to her caretakers and if there is an emergency they can be notified imitatively. The tablet device on the android also makes it possible for her to connect with her family.

Though these advancements are remarkable and prove to be expensive for companies willing to develop them, it may be just a matter of time before something looking a lot like C3PO is making breakfast for your grandmother and taking out her trash.

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