Actress Natasha Blasick claims she enjoyed Sex with a Ghost AND had a UFO encounter (VIDEO)

Mark Turner 
Mysterious World

Some media outlets have incorrectly stated that Natasha Blasick appeared in Paranormal Activity 2, she was never in that 2010 film. She is however appearing in 'Paranoid' Activity 2.

Speaking with Hollywood Psychic Patti Negri, Ukrainian born, modest budgeted film actress Natasha Blasick, tells us that she was alone in her bed one night when she felt something enter her room. Then she could feel that someone was touching her. "They were pushing me against my will." Then she says she decided to relax and that she found it pleasurable and that "I really enjoyed it."

After the very unusual experience was over, nothing happened - until a month later when the ghost returned for another encounter. 

“It was fun. I think ever since I was a child I always wanted to know if there is anything more to this world, I was always asking the questions, and I think this made me feel kind of reassured that there is something more than what we can see with the naked eye". "It gave me comfort and support and love, and it did answer questions for me that there is something else out there.”

Apparently there is a condition called; spectrophilia. According to Wikipedia it is; "sexual attraction to ghosts or sexual arousal from images in mirrors, also the phenomenon of sexual encounters between ghosts and humans." 

But there is more to Natasha Blasick than meets the eye. While promoting her co-written series of books called "Live In Your World" she mentioned aliens and a UFO encounter.  

As the The Eerie Digest reports: 
Live In Your World is a series of novels about Vivien, a woman whose dreams of an alien lover turn out to be more than she could ever imagine. The story spans across the galaxy. A handsome alien, Ardin, reveals an amazing truth to Vivien in book one. 
Natasha’s own fantastical dreams inspired the tale. “I’m fascinated by the idea of alien life. My own encounter with a UFO in Ukraine has a lot to do with it. This story revealed itself organically.” Book one will be released in early 2014. 
And there was no follow up question about the UFO!

Though married, Mrs. Blasick seems to have tastes for lovers of an otherworldly nature. At least you can say that she is a woman who is not afraid to say what is on her mind.

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