Another Ancient Human Site Discovered under the Great Lakes! Caribou Hunters and the Lake Michigan Stonehenge

Mark Turner
Mysterious World 

Image: University of Michigan
9000 years ago, humans were hunting at an area that is now buried beneath tons of water at the bottom of Lake Huron. The discovery of lane or v-shaped trap, where the animals were herded into a narrow passage and and then killed. Sites like these were used by the ancient hunters to take advantage of caribou migration routes. Divers at the site discovered stone flakes, chipped off during tool making and sharpening.

Sonar Images of ancient caribou hunting site. John O'Shea/University of Michigan
This is not the first time sites of ancient historical significance have been discovered at the floors of the Great Lakes. In 2007 a collection of stones, dubbed the Lake Michigan StoneHenge was discovered 40 feet under the surface of Grand Travers Bay. Along with it was the carving of a Mastodon! The clock for human habitation in the America's continues to be pushed back to a much earlier time.   
The Lake Michigan Mastodon
Sonar Image of Lake Michigan Stonehenge

  Mark Holley, professor of underwater archeology at North Western Michigan College

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