Mound Park in Portsmouth Ohio

Once the site of one of the largest and most elaborate of the Indian Mounds, Portsmouth Ohio now only has a hand full of mounds to be seen, and of those left, only a small park holds a single small mound.

I'm sure if the current residents had their way, they would have kept a few of the more impressive mounds in tact.  Proud of their history, a mural that spans the entire flood wall of a park next to the Ohio River, pays tribute to the history of Portsmouth, it's famous former citizens like Roy Rogers and the Earthworks that stood there some 2000 years before.

In what I can find, no one really knows why these mounds, these cities, paths of earth were constructed.  Some are burial mounds, but the lanes, avenues, circular enclosures, they all point to a kind of system.  Something like the symbol system of the tarot?   

I haven't had the pleasure or time to visit the Serpent Mound in Ohio, but we have made a trek to the Newark Earthworks.  I'll show some of that later.

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