Stonehenge Beneath Lake Michigan

Discovered in 2007 and 40 feet under the surface of Grand Travers Bay off of Lake Michigan, were a series of stones arranged in a circle.  Originally, the archeologists were searching for sunken ships, they found ships, a car, even a Civil War-era pier, but it was the discovery of the circular stones, and in particular, one stone setting out from the circle, that alerted the scientific community that this was a significant find.  On the rock was the carving of a mastodon. Mastodons have been extinct for 10,000 years.
The Lake Michigan Mastodon
When I heard about this, I thought about my trip to see the Newark Earthworks in Ohio, the ancient Native American Indian mounds that are thought to be an observatory for the moon.  The Circle, that I photographed, pictured below, is the exact same circumference as England's Stonehenge.  Is this the same ancient civilization that was in Michigan, that was in Ohio and in England?
The Circle in Newark, which is now part of a golf course, is the exact same circumference as England's Stonehenge

Sonar Image of Lake Michigan Stonehenge

  Mark Holley, professor of underwater archeology at North Western Michigan College 
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Mound Park in Portsmouth Ohio

Indian Mound, Southern Marion Ohio, Late 1800's


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