Canadian Bigfoot captured on Video in British Columbia mountain gorge

Mark Turner
Mysterious World 

A screen capture of the location of the Bigfoot sighting from British Columbia April 26, 2014. Image: M. Lamont

Though its very far away and of course, hard to make out, this video from a remote location of British Columbia is certainly interesting. Though it could be a hiker, or even a friend of the people making the video, the distance of the figure in such a strange and forbidding location makes it even more compelling.

One spooky thing about this video; as the figure approaches the incline, it does seem to move up the mountain with tremendous speed.

A comment on the YouTube post gives a possible location. (Below) The posters of the video do not give an exact location.

I can not say for sure if the above location is accurate, but it does provide a much needed clue.

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