He's Back! The Yowie resurfaces. Australia's Bigfoot

Artist conception of Pilliga Yowie 
Mark Turner
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From Australia, another story of the elusive Yowie surfaces. This time, the story is told on a second hand, yet fascinating account. Annette Jeffs recounted the story to Australia's ABC Local Radio. The exact date is unclear, but the report was posted on April 24th of 2014.

The encounter was at the Imbil State Forest, a night-time walk by torch light with several friends. Nearing a creek they began to smell and strong unpleasant stench. They then heard crunching noises from the brush ahead of them. Then in the distance, they saw two large red eyes staring back at them. From what they could make out by torch light, the creature was quite tall and they could still see those large red eyes.

Imbil State Forest, Sunshine Coast Queensland
Image: Google Maps
Frightened and fearing that they would be attacked, they walked back to their vehicle. The dog they had left in the car was barking wildly, freaking out because it sensed mystery beast. They were thankful to get away with their lives and had no idea what it was that they had just witnessed.

Searching the internet to find out what it was they had encountered, they kept coming up with the Yowie. It was a stunning revelation for them.

Story Source: ABC.Net.au
Legend of elusive Yowie
 - The Australian Bigfoot 

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