EXCLUSIVE: Colorado Thunderbird sightings, '08 or '07

On my original blog story, Monster of the Skies! Thunderbird - Legends, Sightings & Evidence, I received a comment from someone identified as 'Lisa' regarding a Colorado Thunderbird sighting from February of 2008. Then, this morning (5/25/2013) I received a follow-up reply to Lisa's comment from an anonymous witness who also claims to be from the Colorado Springs area, stating that they saw something take flight form their roof, in the early morning hours. The witness opened the door and believed that they had startled the creature. "The first thing I remember is a percussion type of pressure in both ears followed by a loud "'flap'" sound." A large shadow appeared over them as the creature took flight and then it ushered a shrill cry. They saw the creatures shadow at around 4 AM, which begs the question; was the moon out, or was there a very tall night-light on the premises? The report was form either 2007 or 2008. 

These are the original unedited comments; 

Lisa8/8/12, 8:36 PM
Where are you located? I saw one in Feb. of 2008 in Pueblo Colo. and my daughter saw it as well. Just recently my sister in law, husband and their daughter all saw one in Colorado Springs,Colo.Delete

Anonymous5/25/13, 3:34 AM
to support "Lisa's" post; I live in Colorado springs, co. also. I saw this in 2007-2008(don't remember exactly} I couldn't sleep & stepped outside on the front porch around 4am without turning on the porch light & I think I must have startled it as it was on our roof right above the porch. the first thing I remember is a percussion type of pressure in both ears followed by a loud "flap" sound as my ears de-pressurized. I had bent over and covered my head with my arms but looked up to see a huge shadow glide up from about 15 ft above me. its wingspan reached from half of my daughters' bedroom on my left to the garage on my right which would have been approx. 20ft. & then it let out a hoarse scream & I will never, ever forget that sound. ever. I got teased a lot by the first few people I told so I quit talking about it. i'm somewhat relieved to read Lisa's post

- Mark

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  1. The sighting that had taken place in Colorado Springs and Pueblo. I saw the same thing in Colorado Springs around the same time period. At the time I lived on the NE side of town near the entrance to Black Forest. I awoke around 4am to let my dog out into the back yard and as I opened the sliding door to the patio I was startled by a sudden loud shriek followed closely by a flapping of what sounded to be some very large wings. On the neighbors house I saw the silhouette of a very large bird-like creature taking off. It must have been perched on my roof and was surprised by me opening the door. The full moon was out and it was a clear night which allowed me to vividly see its shadow. Needless to say I slammed the sliding door shut and I did not let my dog outside until sunrise. Whatever it was it was very big and sounded very powerful.