"Mini-Bigfoot" Leaves Print - The Strange Monster of Jackson County Florida

Dubbed the "Two-Egg Stump Jumper" because of sightings around the small, unincorporated community of Two Egg Florida, and sometimes called the "North Parramore Hobbit" or the "Mini-Bigfoot", the creature has been seen multiple times in the woods and swamps near the Chattahoochee river.  One eyewitness was at home late one evening when they heard a strange sound. Looking outside he was shocked to see "something upright, running away on two legs." It was the size of a normal man.

The collector of these stories is Dale Cox and he gives the following details on his website;

An investigation of the area the next morning revealed tracks leading straight down through the mud into the pond, but it was impossible to determine what might have left them. They were not human footprints, but were too large for a deer or other similar animal. The soft, wet mud had obscured too much of their appearance to determine much more.

The second sighting took place about three-fourths of a mile southwest of the first one and near the intersection of Circle Hill and Oak Grove Roads. An eyewitness saw a small upright creature with long hair running away through a marshy area. It was smaller than average human height, but was running on two legs. The individual relating the story to our website described it as a "hobbit" or "mini" Bigfoot.

The latest eyewitness in June of 2011, said that the creature was as large as a man but was larger, bulkier, and had long gray hair.  A photograph of its foot print was taken.

Mini Bigfoot?

Florida is home to many Bigfoot or Skunk Ape sightings, so a Mini-Bigfoot is not out of the ordinary.

See more at the Dale Cox blog or at his Two Egg Florida website, where you can find out more about the sightings and see more photographs.  

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