Ohio UFO Shoots Straight Up Into Sky - June 26th 2011

A report of a June 26th, 2011 UFO came to MUFON today.  A bright white light in an unnamed Ohio town was watched at 11:30 PM from the witnesses porch.  It appeared to come straight at their direction from around 1000 feet in the air.  No images or video were given.   
"My husband and I were standing on our back patio at 11:30 p.m. EST when I noticed to the west a single light, slowly heading towards us approximately two miles away. After watching it approach our direction for a couple of minutes; I asked my husband if he noticed any flashing lights coming from it and he confirmed he saw no flashing lights either. There also was no sound coming from the object. We both watched it for another couple of minutes until it was just north of our location. It appeared to be about 500 -1000 feet above the ground. The light then quickly shot up and ascended in the sky until it disappeared."

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