Roswell, Hanger 18 & the Alien Arm

The video below was my first introduction to the 1947 Roswell New Mexico UFO crash, the grandaddy of all UFO stories.  Much has been said about it, but for me, a few little facts are enough to convince me that something happened.  This was not a weather balloon, or a Russian craft, as is the latest government attempt to deflect interest in the subject of a crashed disc and alien bodies.  You will find a lot of hoax material as well on the net.  But what I have presented here are a just a few of the pieces of evidence that continue to intrigue me.

The Original 1947 ABC broadcast of the event, reports that the 509th Bomb Group "has received one of the discs".  In the same ABC report, they say that the disc is being flown to Wright Field air force base in Ohio.  The reporter contacted Wright Field and said that they were "expecting the disc", but "has not arrived as of yet."  That alone is proof enough for me that something very unusual happened 64 years ago that our government is still nervous about.  This was not a Russian craft. It also adds to the possibility that they are and have been interested in our nuclear activity for sometime. As for the 'alien arm' in the video, I do not know what to think other than I hope it is real. You can see the arm at 6:43 into the video.

1947 ABC original radio broadcast 

This is the video I posted to YouTube. A clip of an HBO show form the 1980's
and a History Channel show from around the early 2000's.

Alien arm. first time a still of it has ever been posted on the web?

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