African school children terrified by 'hairy' human-like Creature

In the following story, the students were so alarmed by what they saw, that they were 'treated for shock'. Botswana Africa is the home of many primates. Surly these children have encountered monkeys before and know what they look like? - Mark 

May 24, 2013
The Voice WB

Mathiba Primary School
Teachers at Mathiba Primary School in Maun had to abruptly end classes last week Friday after students reported seeing a hairy little creature.

Regional Director for North West District in the Ministry of Education and Skills Development, Acro Maseko said that they had to send students back home after Standard 6 and 7 students claimed to have seen ‘a black little hairy creature which resembled a human being.’

The incident which happened around 12 noon culminated in ten students treated for shock at a local clinic and released the same day.

“We will be holding prayers in the school soon after meeting parents and chiefs but for now we had asked for professional councillors to help. “

Maseko further said that although teachers did not see anything, students screamed and ran amok while others fainted which made it hard for classes to continue with classes on that day.

Story continues here: thevoicebw.com

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