Haunted Car: Dead Boyfriend haunts young woman's car

Deanna Stinson discusses her paranormal visitations for CBS 13 in Sacramento

Mark Turner 
Mysterious World 

Just three days after Deanna Stinson's boyfriend passed away, she began to sense strange things inside her car. The young woman from Sacramento California would feel hands on her while she drove.

CBS 13 Local's reenactment of ghost hand

Deanna says that every time she wore a certain pink skirt is when the weird visitations would take place.

It became so unnerving that she eventually sold the car. But that hasn't stopped the odd occurrences. Paranormal investigator Paul Dale Roberts makes an audio recording outside of Deanna's new vehicle for CBS Local 13 Sacramento and he ends up recording what is called an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) or to put it more simply - a ghost voice.

Watch the video below for more.

A full interview with Deanna Stinson can be read here: Knight Talk Radio

Story source: CBS Local 13 Sacramento

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