Miley Cyrus recalls ghostly apartment

Belfast Telegraph
09 MAY 2013

Miley Cyrus was seriously spooked after staying in what she believed to be a haunted apartment in London.

The pop star experienced paranormal activity during a stay in a rented apartment in the UK capital city.

The incident took place while Miley was on tour, and made her so severely spooked that she was forced to leave the premises.

"I was touring in Europe and I needed a home base. So if we were to go to Ireland I would just come right back. I used to have an apartment in London, right across the street from Harrods. I used to have a place right there, and it was really haunted and I had to move. That’s not a lie," Miley revealed to British ELLE magazine.

"It was seriously so terrifying."

The 20-year-old explained the incident in detail for the June issue of the magazine, for which she graces the front cover.

Miley says the haunting is still a vivid memory for her, and she recalled the moment she first felt there was a ghostly presence.

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