99 Years after horrific battle, Gallipoli 'ghost' is captured at soldiers' cemetery (VIDEO)

Photo of the Gallipoli Ghost. Photo: Joe Armao
One of the bloodiest campaigns of WWI is now the home to numerous cemeteries. The battle of Gallipoli is 99 years old this year (2014).

From:  Western Australia Today
Estimated dead from the 3 month campaign: 
Image Credit: Wikipedia
"Celal was standing among the silent graves, the only person – no more than a silhouette in the gloom – in the camera's field of vision.
 By the time the shutter closed, what appeared to be another ghostly figure had been captured by the camera.
The shadowy silhouette of a figure in a wide-brimmed hat appeared in the frame."

Video of the news report

Video of full interview with photographer 

Story continues here: watoday.com.au

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