Ghost Attack - Caught on Video! Man Pushed and Dragged by a Dark Spirit

Ghost attack? A dark shadow suddenly appears after pushing a man and dragging him in a recent video. (Image enhanced to show alleged supernatural figure. Image: Gamamori)

Mark Turner
Mysterious World

There is no location or names attached with the video on YouTube, but it has generated over a million views in less than a month.

What its shows is a young man in a hoodie walking peacefully down a corridor and is suddenly pushed to the floor by unseen hands. But the attack is not over. The mans leg is pulled up and he is dragged by a sinister looking dark ghost figure pulling that pulls him down the hall. Maybe being a full blown entity was too much for the apparition, but the mystery spirit soon evaporates and leaves the man alone. The victim of the ghost attack naturally turns and runs in the opposite direction.

The entire episode is caught on a closed circuit television camera. Though to my eye it looks like this could be amateur film special effects, one comment from Cassandra Jordan on YouTube left this chilling story about a similar attack she experienced when she was a teenager:

"I saw this dark entity looking at me with red eyes. I tried to run but it grabbed me and dragged me back in my room. I passed out, I didn't know what happen after that, all I know is that I wake up running to my older sister and scratching her uncontrollably."

Story sources: GamamoriDaily Mail

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