UFO WAVE USA: Mutual UFO Networks Sighting Statistics released for the month of April 2014

Mark Turner 
Mysterious World 

A rundown of the sightings logged with the Mutual UFO Network gives us an astounding view of a current UFO wave being experienced around the globe and here at home in the United States.

In the month of April 2014, there were 741 sightings reported to MUFON from around the world. 622 of those sightings were in the United States. 31 in Canada and 21 in the United Kingdom. 

Image: "UFO????" Bear99.Deviantart.com

The most UFO heavy state was California, giving an impressive 80 sightings and Florida coming in second with 57. Third was Texas with 37, Pennsylvania with 33, both Michigan and Ohio saw 25 UFOs individually, and New York saw 23.

The Unidentified Flying Objects also come in many shapes and sizes and MUFON gives us those statistics as well with the Spherical type of craft sighted a total of 150 times this April. Coming in second is the mysterious Triangle shape with 83 individual witnesses. Other shapes of note; Star-like 65, Discs' 56, Oval 39, Cigar 29, Boomerang 28, Saturn-like 5 and Cross 2.  

Most of the distance between observer and unknown craft vary wildly. The top of the list are sightings greater than 100 feet at 137 observations. Others were at a greater distance and 184 were over a mile away. 219 were of unknown distance. 

The most impressive of all of these sightings, as MUFON points out, there were 21 landings, hoverings
and or takeoffs reported and the most ominous? The report of 1 Entity observed

Keep watching the skies! 

Story source: MUFON

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