William Shatner writing Book on UFOs & Alien Abductions

William Shatner on Larry King Now. Image: Ora TV

Mark Turner
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Actor and Star Trek star William Shatner told Larry King in a recent interview that he's writing a novel about UFO's and alien abductions. Not much else is know. He has written and published fiction before.

When asked if he believes in UFOs, he danced around the issue; "Are they a product of us? There’s a mystery here. When a mind like Johnny Mack can say this happened, there’s too much community in these people who say they've been abducted, there’s too much emotional baggage, something is happening. What is it? That’s the question. So, do UFOs exist? It depends on what you mean ‘exist.’” John Mack was a Harvard psychiatrist who became an alien abduction researcher who he mentions a few times in the interview.

Mr. Shatner appears to be fascinated by the subject and seems more interested by the people who experience the encounters than the actual nuts and bolts evidence (or lack of evidence) for alien visitations. What is it that they believe has happened to them and what it must be like to feel that kind revelation in ones life, seems to be at the core of his desire to write about the topic. The actors perspective of getting to know the inner world of your subject. It's probably why he mentions John Mack. Who would better know the inner world of alleged alien abduction victims than a Harvard psychiatrist?

Shatter does have in interesting and informed view about the phenomenon. When discussing John Mack he said;
His conclusion was UFOs are on another plain, another reality. They may not be the meteors we see that we think are UFOs . . . In microphysics, sometimes the act of observing brings about the event . . . So, there may be a photon of light that doesn't exist but suddenly comes into existence while you’re examining that goes off in another direction and ceases to exist. The principle being that there is such mystery of what we puny human beings have no knowledge of.
He does want to know, as he explains to Larry King, if they're coming here, what is their intention? It will be interesting to see what comes of his labor and how the book will be received by critics and the general public.

Story source: Open Minds.tv

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