Aliens with Wing Like Appendages Encountered by Astronomers (1976)

A far-out older story from Spain on the Canary Island of Galdar. The year was 1976.  

Source: David Kelin, National Enquirer
Dr. Francisco Julio Padron, a physician, was being driven to Galdar, on Grand Canary Island, when he and his chauffeur saw a spherical object “about the size of a 3-story building” 60 yards off the road. It was of grayish blue color, but transparent—we could see the stars through it.” Near the center of the sphere were 2 figures well over 6 ft tall, who were either red in color or dressed in bright red; they had human faces with large eyes, and their heads gave off a glow. They wore cloth like helmets hiding their ears. On the ends of their arms they had “wing-like appendages that they moved slowly, like hands.”
Story continues here: Before Its News

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