Bigelow Aerospace director addresses FAA UFO reports (VIDEO)

Alejandro Rojas

YouTuber Shepherd Johnson got an impromptu interview with the Director of Operations for Bigelow Aerospace, Mike Gold. He was attempting to get information on the FAA’s UFO reports, which are forwarded to a division within Bigelow Aerospace.

Gold looked a bit hesitant and embarrassed when he was first approached and asked about Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS), a controversial department in Bigelow Aerospace. Gold replied that he was not a part of that division, “so I can’t really talk about BAAS.”

Shepard then asked about the FAA being instructed to forward UFO reports to BAASS. Gold laughed, and said, “Here we go!”

Gold then came back with a surprising response, “I personally find the subject matter very interesting.” Gold continued, saying that he looked to the work of Kepler, and the discoveries of exoplanets, which leads him to conclude, “I think the galaxy is most likely teeming with life. As a matter of fact that is what science is teaching us.’

Johnson interrupted, pressing Gold for information on UFO reports, to which Gold responded, “I am not part of that division so I can’t comment on what they do, but I am glad someone is taking them, I can say, because these are important issues that deserve serious attention particularly from an air space issue.”

Story continues here: Openminds.tv

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